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My Top 10 Books this year (sorry it's a tad long!)

This is the first Christmas of the blog. Hopefully, there will be more. So. This is the top 10 books that I've read this year. There will be another one of the best moments of 2010 on New Year's Eve - hopefully. And I mean 'hopefully'.

So this is in no particular order, just the order I thought of them. This is also books, that I have only read once. The first time being this year.

1. Along For The Ride - Sarah Dessen
This was the first book reviews on the blog. Amazing isn't it?
I loved this book. It's one of the best of Sarah Dessen's in my opinion, as well as The Truth About Forever. Actually, I loved this book so much, I read it twice in about two months - of course with other books in between. It's also special for me because it was released on my birthday - February 6th. And my parents pre-ordered it for my birthday - god I love them more because of that. ha :)
Anyway. I just love the romance and the characters, they're all great. And :) The girls are great and provided me with so many moments where I laughed out loud because they just came out with the most funniest things (and before you English people say something about 'the most funniest' - I do it all the time. I know. It makes sense to me.)

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2. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin
I just...I love this novel. It's modern. It's something different. And it all fits in with what happened at the beginning in the end. The first chapter has you sitting there like 'What the hell?' but by the end, you're like 'Oh. I get it now'.
I don't know about anyone else, but I like books that are like that. Just my taste, I guess. It was a long time ago I read this and I borrowed it from Joey so I can't remember all the characters names. But whoever they were, I liked them.
And they made me laugh. Which always raised the bar on a book for me.
And they made a movie of this in Japan...with Emma Roberts in. :S
I would like to see that as it is one of those books where you read it and could see it as a movie...
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 3. Monsters of Men - Patrick Ness
Oh Patrick. Ness. This is the last book in the Chaos Walking trilogy. And I think the best.
Now, I'm not a fantasy gal normally but I love this. Because well, it's a mixture of everything. Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure. And again I love those books that have more than one genre in them. I think it makes them more interesting.
I'm so glad what happened to Viola and Todd in the end, it was just right. And even left it on a little bit of a cliffhanger so some of it it left to you to decide what happens in the complete end. That's nice. It was the perfect ending book for this amazing series.

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Losing It Event
My Mention :)

4. If I Stay - Gayle Forman
This is the only book ever to make me slightly cry. And I mean ever. Sure, I've felt sad or had tears in my eyes but this is the first book to physically have me with tears streaming down from my eyes.
This book is actually slightly breathtaking. It's full of flashbacks of a girl in a coma which is (well we don't know do we?) slightly unrealistic but it didn't go overboard. There were flashbacks from her memory of the past too.
It was also just so beautifully written by Gayle Forman.
And like Love, Aubrey - it stays with you. I still think about it sometimes.
There is a sequel next year but I'm not sure if that's going to ruin it...make it...we'll find out.

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5. (Halfway) The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson
Oh my. I wanted to read this as soon as I saw it in the shops and the reviews popped up on the blogosphere. Although, it wasn't AS good as I thought it was going to be, it was still pretty darn good and as I made so much hype about it, it deserves to be in the Top 10.
The difference and thing I loved about this book, was the fact we found out a lot of the main character, Lennie's feelings through the poems on the pictures, which were supposedly 'found', at the start of each chapter. I think that's what made me and Joey love it. It's now one of Joey's favourite books, I think partly because of that. George also recently borrowed it and read it in two days. Yeah I know. She liked that part of the novel too. I think it also just in the English version. I don't know...I think it's one of the best parts.
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6. The Secret Countess (also known as The Countess Below Stairs) - Eva Ibbotson
This was the book that got me into Eva Ibbotson who I kinda have a love for at the moment. She is a historical romance writer. My favourite genre in the whole of the book writing world.
 It was again just different and completely original. Even if there was an element of the 'forbidden romance' which I guess is in most novels that have some kind of hint of romance.
I don't know. It's just it showed what it was like to be Upstairs in a big house in English and the 20's and Downstairs. It was a bit like Downton Abbey but less drama and involving one person...

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7. Auslander - Paul Dowswell
Okay. So not the normal type of book you'd see me read or even have a look at. The thing that drew me to this book was the fact it's set during Nazi Germany. The period I'm studing for History.
This again is a book that had a bit of everything. Romance, Action, Tension, Comedy, Adventure. And it's also the Survival Guide to passing GCSE History - Nazi Germany. It tells you everything in so much detail about anything to do with that time frame. Life, before the war, during the war, what children did, how everyone was on edge about being sent to concentration camps, Jews.
I loved it and I think I'll always remember it. It made me understand truly what life was like then. Not nice.

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8. The Other Countess - Eve Edwards
I think this has got to be one of the best books I've read this year - by then this whole list is. It kinda blew me away a little. I just couldn't get enough of it.
I bought it on a 3 for 2 offer, I was slightly...nervous about starting it. The cover isn't exactly the most teenager-ist. I loved it. I absolutely 100% loved it. Eve Edwards made it so detailed in the historical side. You understood everything. The romance, even though it's throughout the whole book, it wasn't too much - just right. The next book, The Queen's Lady, is due out next year (I maaay have pre-ordered it...WHAT? Waterstones were doing half price off pre-orders and free delivery...)
I have a weakness for this author and series...

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9. The Declaration series - Gemma Malley
I say The Declaration Series but I mean the two books in this trilogy that I discovered this year, The Declaration and The Resistance. Both, absolutely amazing and entertaining.
Now, I'm not normally the type of person (Like I said for Auslander) to go for sci-fi or basically a book like this but I was kind of 'drawn' to it and I'm so glad that I did. Because these are such great books. And I think it's also the idea behind it that's so different. And so controversal. Tablets that make you live forever. I mean, we ponder it but no-one ever does anything or try and this book shows you the consequences of the world if you DID try and make something like this. They're just such interesting novels. And the last one in the trilogy, The Legacy was out in September and I hope to read it in 2011.
The Declaration Review
The Resistance Review
Goodreads (Declaration)
Goodreads (Resistance)

10. The Betrayal - Mary Hooper
There had to be a Mary Hooper book on here. Had to.
This book is the last in the triology of At the House of the Magican series. And in my opinion, the best one. I think it is supposed to be aimed at teenagers slightly younger than me but I'm 15 and I really enjoyed it.
What I love about Mary Hooper is, she gives you such an idea in detail about what life was like in Elizabethan Times. I think this is what makes me love her writing so much. And it's historical. And has a hint of romance. My favourite. :)
The whole series was good but I think this one just topped it off and I really enjoyed this series. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Other Mentions (ones that were equally as good and should reserve a mention):
- Shadow Web - N.M.Browne
- The Luxe Series - Anna Godberson
- Fallen Grace - Mary Hooper
- The Lady in the Tower - Marie-Louise Jensen
- Love, Lies and Lizzie - Rosie Rushton
- Star-crossed - Rachael Wing

All of these rated 5/4 stars on Goodreads. All 5 stars for the top 10 though.
Thank you if you've got down this far. And Thank you so much to all the followers, commenters and people who have visited this year since February. I appreciate it a LOT.

Have a lovely Christmas and a lovely New Year. I shall be eating and seeing family so I probably won't have time to come online so this will probably be the last post this side of Christmas (I love that pun when it gets nearer Christmas).
Have fun :)


  1. Oh wow, I just added some books to my TBR and shifted up a bunch in priority. Thanks! I also love reading historical fiction.

  2. haha :)
    yeah the above are all equally good books and I would recommend them personally.
    Thanks :)


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