Saturday, 4 January 2014


The whirlwind of the last couple of months has just caught up on me and the realisation that a) it's 2014, b) I'm 19 years-old in FIVE WEEKS and c) When did I start completely neglecting my blog? dawned on me.
Normally, I do a variety of 'Yay end of the year, end of my Goodreads reading challenge I haven't completed, yay!' posts. However, sometimes life just needs to get in the way for a bit and we all have to live with that.

It sort of dawned on me the other day how quickly the year has gone and mostly, how much I (and everything within my life) has changed. This time last year I was stressed over Media coursework, English coursework and probably being slowly converted into a walking-talking history book on Tudor History. The time I had this realisation was when I was sitting in my local Wagamamma's. This is the place which I went to with my best friend the day before I left for university, it's the place I celebrated both GCSE and A level results in and the place I went to celebrate getting my first paid job at Waterstones with my parents. However, this time, I was sitting in Wagamamma's with one of flatmates from Bournemouth who I met 3 months ago, buying him lunch and talking about different aspects of my hometown. It's just weird how life can be at times considering innocent, stressed little me in January 2013.
So much happened in 2013 - I applied to university, did my A levels, got into university, moved away from home, worked, stressed, met some lovely people. It's weird to think back to it all.

I want 2014 to be different for this blog. The posts have slowly diminished in the last few years and in all honesty, I have less and less enthusiasm, ideas and time month on month to do anything that can qualify as blogging. I read still, but it takes me ages to finish a book.
I really, really, REALLY still want to blog and be in the book blogging community, it's just very tough at the moment to do that with very little feedback or reward.

In February, this blog will be FOUR YEARS OLD. And I want that to be a time of celebration but also for a fresh start for this blog. I won't be around much in January, I really won't, with exams and coursework pressing upon me.
But February. I promise February. I'm planning many interesting and new things for this blog (hint: makeover) so please, please bear with me. I know I keep saying this, but I mean it. Let me get my life sorted out, and then I'll give this blog the love and attention it needs and deserves.

Until next time guys.