Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Weekly Update #1

Mushu. Got to love him.

So I am offically 100% ill. I woke up this morning, not being able to move and then sneezing several times and coughing like I was about to throw up. Nice.
However, I am still going out in the -2 lovely English weather. And...
IT SNOWED. Like PROPER snow. We think we had about 3-4 inches. It's definitely the heaviest I've ever seen it. Also it's been weird because there's been nearly no planes from Heathrow because it's either closed or hasn't got as many flights running. A guy I know at school on Facebook updated us that his flight to Berlin was taking off today...after supposedly booked for Saturday.

So. I have been also mused whilst watching Mulan. And Mulan II. oh yeah.
My Musing: It's Christmas in four days. I can't believe it.  2010 is almost over. There'll never be another 2010. It's so...weird. This year has gone at lightening speed. It's amazing.
And to be honest, I've loved this year. I started blogging. I met Patrick Ness and the women that got me into historical reading, Mary Hooper. I've read more and more this year with a book blog and I think I've gained confidence with it as well. I don't particularly care now, what people care about me or having a book blog. A lot of people I know, of course, don't know I do. But some do. People I don't particularly know that well and they told me it was cool that I did have a blog. Which made me smile.

This year, I've lost two close friends but gained more than that. I've got through Year 10 and am now on the final road to the end of Secondary School and able to go to college in my own clothes and at a later time. I cannot wait for 2011 and what it will hold...

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