Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Betrayal - Mary Hooper

This was found in the corner of the library alone and frankly, no-one knew it. I saw it straight away and picked it up without even thinking about it. You know, one of those kind of automatic reactions like saying Sorry when you make a mistake in French - and much like my French teacher is telling us off for.
Anyway, yeah. This is the third and last in the At The House of The Magican trilogy. And to be honest, the best in my opinion.

(May Contain Spoilers)
Lucy is asked to continue her work for Queen Elizabeth I. But she has has no duties to do so spends her time setting up a house in London for the Dee family she works for. But when she meets the new lady-in-waiting, Juliette, she is suspicious straight away and decides to take matters into her own hands. But is she merely jealous of the attenation Tomas, the Queen's fool and the one Lucy loves, is giving her? Or could she really be a threat to the throne? 

I actually really enjoyed this book, mostly probably because I've read the two other in the series. I would say that reading them, would help as Lucy does mention events that happen in those but it isn't necessary. There is much more detail and more surprises filling this book and I especially LOVED the end. Which rounded it all off nicely and answered all our questions and is nice that they hint at what happens after the book is finished.
The cover (above) I think is lovely. I love that dress and I am, unfortunately, one of those that still wants to be able to wear dresses like that now. They are gorgeous even though there is so much that goes into looking like that. The detail that Mary Hooper has used is amazing and like normal, she has taken me into the Elizabethan world for Lucy. My favourite character was Tomas. He is so funny and had me laughing on the plane a couple of time (while people looked at me weirdly as I had been laughing out loud earlier at Shrek) and very gentlemanly. So I approve of him.
This book is for those historical romance lovers. Yet another great historical book by Mary Hooper.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. Hello Rebecca,

    Here's a comment: thank you so much for the lovely review of THE BETRAYAL. Let's hope it makes lots more people read my book.

    Love from Mary Hooper x

  2. Oh! Hello :)
    It's okay. I do enjoy a lot of your books, this one especially and The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose which is one of my favourite books.
    Thank you for commenting and reading it and yeah, I do hope so too. :)


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