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The Resistance - Gemma Malley

To any regular followers, they will remember my excitement and loving for the first in this fantastic series, The Declaration. To see my review on that, click here.

Anyway, that was a great book. And because I really wanted to know what happens next, I looked on the council Libraries website, typed this in, saw it was avaliable at three of my local libraries. Then, realising it was a Sunday, and that libraries are annoyingly closes on a Monday & Sunday, I was so happy when I realised that one of these open every day! I mean...that's never heard of in Library world. So I got the bus there and like they say the rest is history.
Anyway, it's due back today so I thought I better write a review as it's sitting next to me.

First Sentence: Overhead lighting, bleak and uncompromising, shone down in the small room like a prison guard's searchlight, picking out every speck of dust, every mark on the cheap carpet, every smudged fingerprint on the window sill.

The year is 2140 - a couple of months after the events of The Declaration. Having escaped the horrors of Grange Hall, Peter and Anna are living freely on the Outside, trying hard to lead normal lives, but unable to leave the terror of the Declaration—and their experiences as surpluses—completely behind them. Peter is determined to infiltrate Pharma Corporation, which claims to have a new drug in the works; "Longevity+" will not just stop the ravages of old age, it is rumored to reverse the aging process. But what Peter and Anna discover behind the walls of Pharma is so nightmarish it makes the prison of their childhood seem like a sanctuary. Shocking, controversial, and frighteningly topical, this sequel to Gemma Malley’s stellar debut novel, The Declaration, will take the conversation about ethics and science to the next level.

    I thought that The Declaration was good but this I think was much much better. Most of the story is taken from Peter's point of view, unlike only Anna in the first one. To be honest, I think he was much more interesing, there's more mystery behind him, things we don't entirely know about. In this one, they also focus on Richard Pincent, Peter's grandfather and the founder of Pincent Pharmas, the main maker of Longevity. We find out more about Peter and the company and about the past actually. There was new characters, Jude, Maria, Dr Edwards. And the oldies, Anna, Peter, Pip. All have things about them, that we keep you hanging on, wanting to know more.
In addition, I think it was also better because it was longer. It's 317 pages, unlike the 200-odd of The Declaration which I must admit, did have a few tedious bits (This had none at all). I love books where you're constantly finding things out and this is definitely one of them. Things are said that could have two meanings, to keep you guessing. There were also things I guessed right, which made me happy.
Gemma Malley has successful made this novel so she is always playing with the reader's mind and opinions which is an incredible skill. I know I'm going on about how it's written, but really, it does kind of 'make' the book.
Unlike, other reviews I've read about this one, yes, the topic is quite hard-hitting and you do have to concentrate a bit, I think the excution was better than The Declaration.
But like most books, I think this one is prefered by different people. I would recommend this to anyone that likes a bit of guessing, mystery and finding out all the possiblities of the future.

I know through reading this series so far, I've thought about what my future could be like and could I be around for tablets that make you live forever, cure cancer. It's a nice thought and recently I have found myself in the middle of lessons thinking, 'In another life, I may not be here. What will it be like when I do die? Do I want to die?'

The idea of Longevity is very appealing, but if it was reality, would you actually sign The Declaration, and live a long life, forever?
What do you guys think - what option would you go for?

Author's Website:
The Legacy, the third in the series is out now in Hardback.

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