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Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Currently, I am writing an essay as part of my English GCSE coursework (though it's been put on hold for the moment as it's the MOCKS). Anyway, it's made me get in the Pride and Prejudice mood now and I bought the novel and the film with Keira Knightley in...all for under £5 on Amazon. Oh I love them.
So yeah, I thought I'd read it.

So. For those who have been living in a cave in Antartica for the last 3 centuries, this is what it's about.
   The story evolves around the Bennet family, particularly Elizabeth and Jane, the two older sisters out of five. The fabulous Mr Bingley has moved into Netherfield, the big house just a few miles away, bringing his pompous, moody, although handsome, Mr Darcy.
When him and Elizabeth meet, she immediately judges him and vows never to dance or talk to him again. However, when Jane and Bingley meet, sparks fly and soon, their mother, Mrs Bennet whose aim in life is to see all five daughters married, expects a marriage on the cards.
Though as events unfold and Elizabeth finds out secrets and lies about these two men and the mysterious Mr Wickham and of course, the ridiculous Mr Collins...

I left it open as I could describe the whole novel but it must ruin it for those who have been living in an igloo for the last few centries. This was first written in the 1700's and named originially the very apt title, First Impressions.
The characters are written really well so that we have an opinion of all of them without it being too many. Mr Darcy. I have to say this. Why does all girls like him (including me)? Even though he is so moody, conceited and in truth, a teenager (not literally. He's like 25 in the novel). I think it's because he doesn't show his emotion because he's afraid to and also, he does all this lovely, nice stuff because of his love for Elizabeth. Okay I gave it away but really? Is it not that obvious from the front cover?
One of my favourites is Mr Collins, who I have to write about for the essay. He is just so...funny, but a complete pompous idiot at the same time and I can say...I'm so glad I'm not Charlotte!

My only problem really was that for me, I had to make sure I wasn't tired, otherwise I wouldn't be able to digest Jane Austen's writing. Which is completely different to novels today.
This book is a great classic story which still entertains us, centries later as Austen really understands what it is like to be in a family; in love and meeting and judging the people around us.

I would give it a 4 out of 5.

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  1. Here from the Comment Exchange Program :)

    This is an excellent review! I read Pride and Prejudice some time ago and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't really something that stood out for me. Then again, I've never been too big on romance-only books, so that's not unusual. Glad you liked it, though!

  2. I have read Pride and Prejudice and many of the other classics, and you are so right about how different the writing is from what we see being published today. Sometimes the language can be a bit tedious--especially if you are trying to read in a hurry.

    As to why we like Darcy--I think we like a guy who is strong and tough on the outside, but with a heart of gold who will do anything for the one he loves. I think there is the fantasy that we could be the one who melts his heart and changes him. Great review!

  3. I adore Jane Austen! If you haven't read it, I really recommend Emma. It's my favourite of all her novels. I prefer to think of her books less as love stories and more as social commentary - Austen says soooo much about society and the way people interact, and it's all still totally relevant. And she's probably one of the best dialogue writers in history!

  4. haha yeah my teachers are always shouting at us about how Jane Austen does this to show the society at the time like when Mrs Bennet talks to Darcy without being introduced first. A big no-no in those days.

    Oh yeah, Emma. I've heard that it's good and I watched the series of it when it was on BBC. haha yeah, Darcy does do a lot for Elizabeth when he realises that he loves her.
    Thanks guys for the comments :)

  5. Actually Rebecca, I HAVE been living in a cave in Antarctica for the past 3 centuries and personally I find my choice of residence quite acceptable.

    And Mr Collins... ugh, he makes me cry on the inside. Is it weird that he reminds me of Tijana when she does her creepy smile?
    As for Darcy, I think all women love him because of this one line:
    "Mr Darcy, you write so uncommonly fast"
    "You are mistaken. I write rather slowly."

    ...Well that's why I love him anyway.

  6. oh george. You never fail to make me laugh. ever.
    Well I'm not saying it's a bad choice of residence, I'm just saying it's a bit of weird choice and why you would I don't would get cold. Well you do that in England.
    Oh I've noticed that's a bit scary. I think she's secretly who Jane Austen was basing him on, you know in the future.

    And yes. Whenever I see that in the film or read it, it makes me laugh. And when you do your Darcy accent...oh dear god, it's hilarious.

  7. .So either Tijana is the reincarnation of Mr Collins or Jane Austen had a time machine. Or maybe both. That would make a great TV show...
    ... Sometimes, I feel like I'm cluttering up your comments pages. To anyone trying to enjoy Rebecca's lovely blog in peace, I'm really sorry. Just ignore me. Most people do.

  8. George, in all honesty, you're one of the only ones that regularly comments on my blog, it's fun. And also the other people who have posted here, I don't think they get an email saying that someone else has commented. Only I do.
    And yeah. That could be great.

  9. could you tell me some romantic novels that are good reads, thanks :) love your blog by the way

  10. Oh thank you very much, I am glad you do :)
    Hmm...romantic novels. A couple of my favourites are:
    Teen Idol - Meg Cabot
    Anything by Sarah Dessen (She is amazing)
    The Other Countess series - Eve Edwards
    If I Stay - Gayle Forman
    The Secret Countess - Eva Ibbotson
    I was Jane Austen's Best Friend - Cora Harrison

    Reviews for all of the above are in the tab 'Reviews A-Z' at the top of the page. Hope that helps!

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