Thursday, 4 November 2010

Star-crossed - Rachael Wing

Before you judge a book from the cover, read this review and it might (I said might though) change your view. JUST wait there, right there.

I have read this book countless of times. I'm serious. And guess what. This was written by when she was 14, published when she was 16. She would now be...19 but still. A 14-year-old. That's pretty cool and we're talking some good stuff - despite the cover. This was first found a couple of years ago under some books. I thought it sounded good so I read it. And again...and again...and now AGAIN!

When Jen lands the main role of Juliet in her school production of Romeo and Juliet, she is thrilled. Especially as beating one of the most popular people and her best gay friend, Reuben playing Mercutio, another main part. Until you find out who Romeo is.
The boy you and your family hate with a passion because of feud going on since their fathers were 18. Jen will do anything to get embarrasse him and beat him, there's no way you're going to be like Juliet and fall for there?

This book has such a simply storyline and well written that I just love it. It's also written very differently using 'You' or the Second Tense (I think) which makes it so interesting and just different.
It could be classed as a short story but I think although it is short, it is a book. The scenes and characters are great and so well written. I loved Reuben, her best friend. You just kind of have to love him, he is so funny and lovely.
Even though I have amazing friends and I love them to pieces, I would love a kind of 'gay' or 'boy' best friend. I mean, a guy that you can just kind of talk about anything with and don't have to keep checking if you look okay or are going red. I've told a couple of people my little 'wish' and those that I asked did agree.
This book, even though the cover isn't particularly amazing, is such a sweet, innocent (kind of), interesting story with a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. And it shows that not every love story means sex and snogging their faces off straight away. I mean I don't mind it in books but still, some authors do get a little over the top on the descriptions of whats happening :S
This story is also so relatable to people my age, teens, because Jen faces so many teen issues.
I would suggest anyone that loves to write or loves Shakespeare and a bit of romance to read this one. It is truly a sweet story and with the 'You', I was able to imagine it happening to myself, probably why I love it so much.
I give it a 4.5 out of 5

Author's Website:

Rachael Wing has also released a book called Love Struck which looks at A Midsummer's Night Dream. I am SO looking out for that one :)


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  2. Oh... What happened to my comment? I HATE TECHNOLOGY!
    Anyway, you answered my question already, so never mind. See you on Monday :)

  3. Erm...can I just say I have no idea what happened to it. It says been removed by author, who? You? Me? Rachael Wing?
    But as I know what it was, I shall answer. I don't have a copy of the book myself. It was from the Library but I am thinking of getting it so you can use it then.
    hahaha we all do at some point George. :)

  4. I think it might have been me after all. I pressed a big orange button... Was I not supposed to? Oh dear. Never mind.
    Well, if you do get it I would very much like to read it.
    See you tomorrow when we shall have a massive Downton Abbey rant ALL DAY!

  5. Sorry I didn't watch it. It did end at 10.30pm and I had to get up at 6.50am.
    I'll watch it tonight and we can talk about it for the rest of the week and in French.

  6. I love this book so much, I think there is a second one? I really want to read it :)

  7. I know, it is very good. Rachel Wing has written a second book called Love Struck. Here's the link to my review:

    It's not as good, but still enjoyable.

  8. I have read this book over, and over again, and never had gotten sick of it. I really love it, it's like one of my top 3 favorite books I have read so far. I'm only 13 and really inspired by Rachel Wing and amazed how she wrote this when she was 14 and the book published when she was 16.
    It was beautifully written.

  9. is there no e-book available for this?


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