Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Other Countess - Eve Edwards

So, anyone that follows this blog or has read the About Me section (I don't know how many people actually read that but you know), anyway, get to the point Rebecca, anyone who follows this blog will know I LOVE (yes the caps was necessary) historical and romance genres, and put together makes me want to pick it up and eat it desperately. So you can imagine me excitement when I saw this gorgeous book and at 3 for 2 in Waterstones, I HAD to.

First Sentence: The first time Ellie met William Lacey, she thought him terrifying.

It's 1582 and eighteen-year-old Will Lacey's family is in trouble. After years of wasteful spending, his late father has run Lacey Hall to near ruin. Tasked with marrying his family back into fortune, the new Earl of Dorset is all set for a season at court to woo not just the Queen but potential brides with his jousting skills. But when Ellie – a strong-willed girl with nothing to her name but a worthless Spanish title – catches Will's eye, he faces a bigger battle than he could ever have anticipated.
(from Goodreads.com)

I think from my introduction and my 'I LOVE THIS BOOK SO FAR' that used to live undearneath the 'Currently Reading' bit that I enjoyed this book a lot. I read it within about a week which is pretty good for me. I'm a bit of a romantic at heart. I love being given flowers and chocolates, though it never happens much and I just love a classic love tale or love match. It DOES make me feel a little tearful.
The difference about this book is that the love-ness starts early on. They meet each other and fall in love on Page 15 but unlike other novels, doesn't realise who she is until a couple of chapters later, which I really liked. On the plane coming back from my holiday, I was sitting there, slightly excited because I knew who she was in relation to the story and I couldn't wait to find out when he did. Sad, I know...
I love Elizabethan times, let's face it, who in the blogosphere doesn't? Though I maybe a bit bias with my slight obsession for all matters history. Edwards got it spot on and I felt like I was being transported there and wished I was Ellie. She even added some of the language at that time. Okay, sorry Shakespeare by whenever I read your plays, it just goes straight over my head but in this book, I understood what they were saying.
I would recommend this book to anyone. It is one of my favourite books now and I'm so glad I bought it. I would read it if you don't mind a bit of romance that leaves you smiling happily like a lovesick idiot. (*cough* me *cough*) Or likes history.

Author's Website: http://eve-edwards.com/

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  1. Stopping by from the CEP.

    This sounds like a really good book! I love historical fiction (and I am usually a fan of love stories as well). Thanks for reviewing this book, not sure if I would have come across it otherwise!

  2. No problem :)
    Thanks for the comment. I know I love both too. I mean who, that is a girl, doesn't love a bit of romance? :)
    Oh that's great to hear! I hope you enjoy it :)


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