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Quick Update #2

Sorry, I feel like I haven't posted in a while. I've been so busy - like I have 6 pieces of homework this week and it's 3pm and I've only done 3 of them AND tomorrow I have to go out and do some Media photography so...I'm actually doing things for once this weekend.

French went okay - had to start again though (Long Story - rather forget it :S)

Also, for regular readers, I'm reading Teen Idol - Meg Cabot, I know. So before you may judge me...Dreamland made me want t a happy book and I've been needing to read this again for a while because it's a bit of a childhood book....So there.

Last night, I had a great fun evening. It was my friend, that I've known since like Pre-School so...3, turned 16 on Thursday and well, she had a party at the new Pizza Express near me which has IPOD DOCKS so you can put your iPod in and listen to your own music. I love it there. The waitress was nice too. Which I LOVE when the waitress becomes like your friend for a couple of hours.

Anyway, it was really good because I got to spend some time with my friends. We haven't all gone out in ages and it was nice and enjoyable...and I wonder why people talk to us sometimes.

My Entry for the Weird Hair. Joey and George's were...well
I don't think they'd want them to go to the public ha :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dreamland - Sarah Dessen

Okay. Let's admit it. I am in love with Sarah Dessen's books.

They are just...SO good. Unfortunatly, leaving in the UK means I have to wait until a couple of months later until I can get my hands on her books to read after the initial publishing. And have to live with reading reviews about how much people loved her newest books - when I'm still checking on Waterstone's when on earth it will come out and can I pre-order it.
I have read all published book by Sarah Dessen, apart from the one that isn't been realised in the UK (and I think it's to do with the issues in it *stupid banned books place*) which is Dreamland. This one.
So, how did you get it? I hear you cry. Well, when I was in Florida in October, I was wandering around Florida Mall (which is HUGE) trying to find my mother when I see Borders. And wander in there. Even though I KNOW my mother is not going to be in there. And see this book. Reduced from I think it was $10 to $7. I had to buy it.
So I did and am now the proud and happy owner of Sarah Dessen's whole series of books....right now onto the review...

Catlin's life is falling apart around her. Her goody-two-shoes perfect sister has run away with a boy her parent's disapprove of, her mother buying porceliain creepy themed dolls that seem to turning up everywhere while her father watches sports and turns the dolls around to face the wall.
Until she meets Rogerson Biscoe, a mysterious boy with a bit of a history. From then on, she seems to be in a dreamland, trying to handle everything: not seeing her best friend, Rina; cheerleading which she hates; her parents so involved with her missing sister and then, Rogerson. It's then, she enters a world of cigerettes, constant drugs, lies and of course the fists, the punches and the bruises - all from the one she supposedly loves.

A lot of people have said 'Oh Sarah Dessen is boring - she always writes novels on the same thing, someone who has problems falls in love, they can't be together, oh now they can - HAPPY ENDING'. Which annoys me so much because a) yes, they are the same structure for every book but it's the way she writes them and the different problems her heroines face that make them so imagintive and different and b) have you read this one? Or That Summer? They are both so unlike the apparent 'boring structure'.

Dreamland is so different to anything I've ever read before. Sure, I've read a handful of books that have abusive issues in them but nothing quite like this one. Sarah Dessen seems to have caught what it is like to be a sixteen year-old and to have a boyfriend and that excitement you have at that age. She also, showed the sudden change in Catlin so well and when there was the first hit (I'm trying not to say who it is for those who want to read it - you might guess), it just comes so out of the blue that I was shocked as much as Catlin was. You feel what she feels, you sympathise with her so much.
Rina and Corianna (her friends) are both some of my favourite characters. Including Boo (neighbour) as well. What I love about Sarah Dessen is all her characters, minor or major, are so different and original from one another especially these three. Rina just made me laugh and I could so imagine her being a real person - especially at the end. Corianna and Boo - I just want them alive so I can be their friend too. They are both such lovely people, more Boo than Corianna. And great names too.
My only critism is that I just couldn't imagine Rogerson. You got snippets of description of him but you never got that kind of real real, imagery than the others. I don't know - it may be done for a reason or it's just me. The mother also annoyed me a couple of times. She was just so....organised and...pushy. I don't know - I just had an annoyance for her - it may be the dolls?

Overall, I enjoyed this book so much and I was caught from the first word. It's not one of Sarah Dessen's best ones of all time but it's enjoyable and written so well with some lovely characters.
It's also sad. WARNING: You need your tissues and you will feel slightly depressed afterwards.
So I'm going on to a funny, bright happy book from my childhood...

I give Dreamland a 4 out of 5

Author's Website:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Some Help?

I hope anyone that read the posts from 'Anna Godbersen Week' enjoyed them. I, myself, got to remember what happened throughout the books through the delightful as always Wikipedia. I couldn't actually live without it sometimes.

Anyway, I need YOUR help. I'm doing a Media project for my coursework and I am doing the fashion page at the moment - which I am yet to start. Anyway, my theme is retro clothing at the moment.
So. If you are on the interweb and see something that could be classed as retro or vintage in the HIGH STREET SHOPS, not a boutique or designer, then, either comment here or email me at :)
(Don't click the link unless you have Microsoft Outlook!)
It will be muchly appreciated.

In other news, I have my first ever French Speaking Exam tomorrow at precisely 1.30pm UK time. Oh my god. I am going to fail in the pronciation but at the moment I kinda just want to get on with it and do it and get it out the way. Of course, I have to wait the whole day while my friends do it in the morning and some back terrified. Great.

On a last note, it's exactly TWO WHOLE WEEKS until my birthday and I shall be offically 16 years of age. And be able to buy a lottery ticket. YAY.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

What Happens in Splendor - Anna Godbersen?

This is the fifth (and last) post for Anna Godbersen Week!

(Sorry it's late, I didn't have any time to do it yesterday!)

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.

So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.

To see the one from Tuesday on the first novel, The Luxe, click here

To see the one from Wednesday on the second novel, Rumours, click here

To see the one from yesterday on the third novel, Envy, click here



I am going to do this for the story in this novel for each character so I may repeat myself (or not make sense first of all as reading through):
Diana Holland:  Picking off from the end of Envy, the novel starts with Diana, in Cuba, working at a beach bar after being rejected from the army for being a girl. Through, her newspaper friend, she has put out a story that she is in Paris at finishing school. At the bar, she finds she is reunited by accident with Henry, who she came looking for. They return to the ship he has been living on and sleep together after so many months. The next morning, they wake up to find Henry's boss, Colonel Cooper in the room. He recongises Diana immediately and has them both sent back to New York, fearing for his own career and knowing that Henry hated his job. Diana returns home and is punished by her mother by having her aunt go everywhere with her as chaperone. Elizabeth is also told to keep an eye on Diana.
    She also finds out that Penelope has been meeting with the Prince of Bavaria and in spite, feeds pieces of information to the newspaper annoymously. When she goes to visit Elizabeth, she tells her to run away with Henry as she will never be together with him in the city and if Penelope is around. Diana asks Henry who agrees. Until something terrible happens and the plans are delayed as well as the gossip of them eloping running around New York's society. Henry comes to the Holland's place and tells Diana he wishes to marry her. Diana, delighted, agrees to run away with him, saying she will meet him at the port to go to Paris together - the city of love. However, Henry recieves the note late and has to run to the port finding Diana and proposing to her and telling her how much he loves her. Diana is overjoyed but dismayed as he explains he has to stay in New York. She admits that she doesn't want to be seen as the tramp or whore in society and that his place is here, in New York. Diana wants to go to Paris, away from everything and she tells Henry, she will always remember him as her first love and that he shall love again. They depart passionally and the novels ends as Diana goes on the boat to Paris and away from Henry.
Elizabeth Holland: She is enjoying the newly wed wife status of Snowden and the propsect of having a stable life for her future child. However, a note is delivered from a mencing stranger to Snowden, when he is not there. The note soon reveals that her father had secured a lot in California (for suspected oil) for Will and Elizabeth (supposedly, he knew about their relationship?). Elizabeth confronts Snowden with the note and finds out that Snowden, her father's best friend, had killed her father with Klondike, had Will killed and only married Elizabeth to secure the lot. Seeing that Elizabeth knows, he sedates her with strong drugs continually so she will not tell. When Teddy Cutting, back from war, comes to visit, she tries to ask for help but Snowden quickly sedates her again. One night, she manages to leave the confines of her room to find Snowden on the stairwell. He hears her and moves to attack her but Elizabeth pushes him away and down the stairs to his death.
   The police arrive the next day and start an investigation. Teddy arrives in the midst of Elizabeth about to admit to the murder when he intervenes and explains that Snowden merely fell down the stairs. However, Elizabeth recongises one of the policemen to be the stranger who delivered the note and as the man who killed Will. She tells them to leave otherwise she will expose him to the police force. Teddy, afterwards, brings her to his home and she reveals the story of Will and herself. Both of them declare their love for each other and share a kiss. The novel ends with them married and naming Will's child, Will and them, carrying on to have several children of their own.
Penelope Schoonmaker (nee Hayes): Society is wondering why Penelope is out and about while her husband is at war and why she has recovered quickly from her 'miscarriage'. Penelope is at a party in Carolina Broad's home when she sees the Prince of Bavaria. She notes that both of them have so much in common and goes to dance with him which scandalizes many of the guests. The Prince seems to be attracted to her and regularly sends her flowers. As a result, Penelope becomes overwelmed by the Prince.

    When Henry returns, she continues to torment him with her knowledge of his and Diana's relationship. At a party, she threatens Henry once more to reveal the relationship to the public and Henry leaves her to go to his father. Penelope is quickly distracted by the arrival of the Prince. The two go to a deserted corridor and kiss, although roughly and unlovingly. Penelope dismisses this and continues to chase after him anyway. After William Schoonmaker's funeral, she and the prince have a one night stand in his hotel room. Henry wishes to divorce Penelope and she pays it no attention. She sends all of her things to her former home on Fifth Avenue and goes back to the hotel where the prince is staying at. She is informed by the hotel's staff that the prince left earlier that day for Bavaria. Outraged, Penelope begins to collapse and is humiliated when she hears one of the society ladies say 'the fallen Mrs. Schoonmaker'. She returns home in self-pity and humiliation but is surprised to find Henry there. She asks Henry why he is still there and Henry says Diana left without him. She becomes surprisingly sympathetic and comforts him. Henry asks her where the prince is and she tells him the prince used her. Henry remarks that they both made a mess of everything and which is why they deserve each other. Penelope agrees and they both drink to broken hearts

Henry Schoonmaker:  His father stationed him in Cuba, rather than the war zone because the place less at risk for war. Henry spends his days as a 'soldier' yachting with his superior, Colonel Cooper. He is reunited with Diana Holland, his great love in a bar where Diana works. They both return to his ship and sleep together. Colonel Cooper recognizes Diana and has them both sent back to New York. Upon his return, he is greeted as a war hero by society. He is disgusted that his father put out an image of him being a war hero while he was off in Cuba. Penelope, again,  threatens to make his and Diana's relationship public, although Henry takes no notice. Diana tells Henry she wants to come away with him in order for them to be together. Henry finally summons up his courage to stand up to his father.

     At a party, he tells Penelope he wants to divorce her. When the prince arrives, he notices her distraction and goes off to his father. He finds him and tells him everything about his and Diana's relationship and that they are going to elope. Schoonmaker Sr. is severely shocked and dies of a heart attack. Witnesses to Henry's declaration spread the story and society looks down on Diana. After the funeral, his father's will is read and states that the whole estate belongs to Henry. Henry goes to Diana to tell her that he has inherited his father's fortune and that he wants to marry her which she accepts. He, later,  receives her note a day late but just manages to catch her. He proposes to her and an ecstatic Diana accepts. But when he says they will have to stay in New York, she says she wants to go to Paris and  that Henry belongs in New York and that he will fall in love again one day. She also tells him he will always be her first love. Before Henry can object, the boat starts to leave. He and Diana have one last kiss and she tells him goodbye.
Henry returns home resigned and miserable. He finds Penelope in the same state and they comfort each other. At the end of the novel, they both drink to broken hearts.

Carolina Broad: Carolina  is enjoying a life she once thought impossible. She is in love with Leland Bouchard, a wealthy man who lives down the street. Although she is living in pure bliss, there is a threat to her glamorous life: Tristan, a former Lord & Taylor salesman who still has feelings for her. He tells her he is unhappy that she gets everything she wants while he remains empty handed. He reminds Carolina that were it not for him, she would never be where is she is now. He also threatens to expose her true origins to the public unless he is paid handsomely for what her did for her. Even after Carolina pays him, he still stalks her wherever she goes, especially when she is Leland Bouchard. When she is about to be exposed by Tristan, she dismisses him and Leland warns him never to come near her again.

     Carolina accidentally confesses her feelings to Leland and he says that he feels the same way. He invites her to meet his family and she nervously agrees. When she meets the Bouchard family, they love her instantly. Leland arrives late and proposes to Carolina in front of his family. Wedding plans are made and Carolina invites her sister Claire to the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Tristan visits her again and threatens her. Leland bursts into the room and begins to beat up Tristan. When he is about to give the final blow, Carolina screams for him to let Tristan go. Tristan leaves and Leland demands to know why Tristan is following them. She tells him the whole story and Leland leaves. Afterwards, the wedding is cancelled.
Leland returns and tells her what he thinks. He does not care whether she was a maid or not, but he was angered when he knew she lied to him about being an only child and that she didn't know Tristan. He tells her needs to be away for her for a while. Carolina is hurt and begs him to stay, saying she loves him. Leland responds by saying ' And I loved you'
Word gets around that Carolina is not what everyone thought she was. One paper describes her act as the beginning of an age of wealth without class. She is devastated by the turn of events and Leland's departure and isolates herself in her home. Claire goes to her sister's home, hoping to comfort Carolina. But the sight of Claire makes Carolina even more ashamed because she had asked Claire to attend the wedding as a maid. Claire comforts Carolina and tells her that she cannot let what people think get in her way. She also says that the paper said that Carolina's act, although deceitful, would be the beginning of the future. Carolina brightens a bit at this. The novel ends with Claire joining Carolina's live style and them becoming the most famous sisters of society - it is never mentioned if Leland returns or not.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

What Happens in Envy - Anna Godbersen?

This is the third post in Anna Godbersen Week!

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.

So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.

To see the one from Tuesday on the first novel, The Luxe, click here
To see the one from yesterday on the second novel, Rumours, click here


With Elizabeth in mourning. Diana has to fill in the Holland invites to parties, avoiding Henry and Penelope, the most celebrated couple. Henry also is trying to avoid Penelope as she tries to sleep with him. Henry organises a trip with Teddy, his best friend, to Florida. But Penelope finds out and invites Carolina (Lina), herself and her brother, Grayson. Penelope also plans on inviting Elizabeth when she goes to a luncheon at the Holland's place as a welcome back into society for Elizabeth. At the luncheon, someone is at the door and as Diana answers it, she finds a helpless Henry on the doorstep, desperately asking her to come to Florida too so he can make it up to her and tell her everything that happened. She agrees and when Penelope invites Elizabeth, Diana comes too - much to Penelope's disgust. To prevent something from happening between Henry and Diana, Penelope gets her brother to try and woo Diana into getting Henry jealous and run back to his actual wife.
   In Florida, Carolina's patron, Carey Lewis Longhorn dies in New York. She rushes back to attend the funeral to find that he has left her all his property and money, making her a real heiress and rich. She shares the occasion with the Lord and Taylor salesman, Tristan. Meanwhile, in Florida, Teddy tells Henry that he is going to join the army in the Philppines. He tells Henry that 'if Elizabeth can survive all those things, so can he'. He is of course, falling in love with Elizabeth. Once back in the hotel room after leaving his friend, he sees Penelope crying and opens up to her. They sleep together for the first time in their marriage so far and when Henry is seen on the balcony with Penelope wrapped around him, Diana sees and believes that Henry is merely playing her along. Henry realises that it is all a mistake.
Diana then confronts him and ends the affair. At a party that night, Grayson follows Diana and believes that he is actually starting to have feelings for her. Grayson tells Penelope who doesn't believe him but goes along with it - anything to ruin Diana and Henry's happiness.
Grayson declares finally his love for Diana in a closet, who confused and angry about her emotions, she has sex with him as she realises he is telling the truth.
Meanwhile, the next day, Penelope and Elizabeth are by the beach and Elizabeth vomits. Penelope tells Elizabeth that she might be pregnant but Elizabeth ignores it. Liz also finds out that Teddy is going to propose to her and runs away, knowing that she cannot ever marry anyone again because of her love for the late Will.
Once returned from the eventful trip, Penelope makes up the story that she is pregnant - Henry sees through her and refuses to believe it but knows he has to stay with her now. Meanwhile, Elizabeth tells her family she is pregnant with Will's child. Although, her mother wants her to go 'where there are people like her' there, Elizabeth refuses and to avoid scandal, when Snowden proposes to her, she accepts.
Henry then enlists for the army to follow Teddy which shocks Penelope. When she confronts him about the baby, he plainly says 'There is no baby' and leaves her to solve the mess of her lie. He sends a letter to Diana telling her he is joining the army and explains everything that has happened since The Luxe. He tells her he still loves her and says goodbye to her.  Diana is shocked by this and knows she has to do something.
She solves it by cutting her hair and deciding to act like a man and join the army to find Henry and apologise to get him back...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What Happens in Rumours - Anna Godbersen?

This is the third post of Anna Godberson Week!

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.

So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.

To see the one yesterday on the first novel, The Luxe, click here


Starting off from the conclusion in the last novel, Elizabeth is with Will in California, who has just found a possible yield with oil. However, she recieves a letter from Diana stating that the family are running out of money and that her mother's health has decreased since Elizabeth left. She decides to go back to New York and explain the siutation to her mother and aunt and try and help them. Will comes with her.
   Meanwhile, Penelope has decided that she WILL marry Henry, which could potenically ruin Diana and Henry's relationship and plans on marrying in the future. Henry's father decides that for the family's reputation, Henry should marry Penelope, who he approves of. Something Henry objects to.
   However, Lina Broud is running out of the money that Penelope had given her and needs more desperately. She gets help from the Lord & Taylor salesman, Tristan who helps her choose suitable clothes and move up in the ranks of society. Through this, she meets the incredibly rich, Carey Lewis Longhorn who takes her under his wing. They change her name to Carolina Broad and she makes up the story that she is an orphaned wealthy oil heiress. Because of this, she is invited to all the important parties and meets offically Penelope - who is shocked.
As a bribe to become 'friends', Carolina tells her of Diana and Henry's special night in Diana's room earlier in the novel. Penelope uses this to make Henry propose to her in the return that she doesn't ruin Diana's reputation. William Schoonmaker is delighted and the marriage is planned in the upcoming weeks. Because of the business, Henry doesn't have a chance to tell Diana the truth. She is left despressed and angry at both of them.
   At the Holland house, Snowden, a friend of the late Mr Holland, turns up to help with the financial troubles. They decide to wed Elizabeth and Will to avoid scandal and move them back to California. When they are at the train station, Elizabeth is noticed and Will is thought to be kidnapping her. The police shoot Will and he dies tragically in Elizabeth's arms. Elizabeth returns home, heart broken.
At the end of the novel, Penelope and Henry get married finally and Elizabeth promises Diana that they will find out the truth and get Henry back for good.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What Happens in The Luxe then?

This is the second post of Anna Godberson Week!

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.
So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.


Okay, we are first introduced to the four Luxe Girls. There is:
-  Elizabeth Holland who is in love with her childhood friend, Will who now works in the stables.
- Diana Holland, she is Elizabeth's younger sister and, well in love at this point with no-one but secretly meets with men at parties to see what a kiss feels like etc.
- Penelope. She is supposedly Elizabeth's best friend and in love with Henry. She actually hates Liz and is only associated with her to make her look bad. She is also obsessed with what people think of her and herself and the way she looks. She is also having a 'fling' with Henry.
- Lina Broud. She is a maid to Elizabeth but always had dreams of being rich. She grew up with her and Will and is now in love with Will but suspects the relationship of Will and Liz.
- Henry Schoonmaker. His father is running for mayor of New York. His father has also just married his step-mother who is only a few years older than Henry. He is a bit of a party go-er - much like his father.

Anyway, we are first introduced to these characters at a New York party where Diana is seen kissing an older man, for the 'thrill'. Soon, Henry's father, Willam, decides that Henry needs to marry a debutante for publicty for his upcoming election for Mayor. He forces Henry to propose to Elizabeth, who is well-respected throughout society. However, in the midst of this, Henry and Diana meet and instantly are attracted to each other, unaware who they really are. When it is announced of the marriage, Elizabeth tells Penelope who at the same time, thinking Henry is going to marry her as her father announced he would marry someone, tells Penelope of her and Henry's romance. Elizabeth is left guilty for getting married to Penelope's lover, even though she doesn't want the marriage to go ahead at all - neither does Henry.
   However, when Henry fails to escort Elizabeth to a ball - the first outing as a couple, his father decides to move the date up to add pressure and the risk of having no spending money if it doesn't go ahead. Penelope goes to the Schoonmaker mansion, in the quest to lure Henry and make him think twice about marrying. It fails.

Will Kneller, Elizabeth's real love, decides to move to California in search of business in the oil industry. While Liz is at a party, he leaves and leaves a letter for Liz which she finds on her return. Meanwhile, Lina finds the letter and realises the extent to their relationship and goes in search of Will to tell him that she loves him before Liz does. However, she soon runs out of money and returns to the Holland's house to find that she has lost her job. Broke, homeless and desperate, Lina goes to Penelope who she has known of as long as Elizabeth and tells her of Will and Elizabeth's relationship. In exchange, she gets money and a nice hotel in Manhattan to stay in. Penelope goes to Elizabeth and helps fake her own death so she doesn't have to marry Henry and so he is free for Penelope. Elizabeth gets a train from Grand Central to California to join Will. Elizabeth also finds out about Diana and Henry's love and writes her a letter to tell her what has happened and to warn her of Penelope.

Hope that helped anyone that was requesting this! The Summary of the second novel, Rumours will be up tomorrow. :)

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Bright Young Things - Anna Godberson

This is the first post of Anna Godberson Week!
I love The Luxe Series. I absolutely love it and own all the books in the series. So, you can imagine my excitment when I found out last September that I had to wait 4 months until Anna Godberson's new book came out while in America, it was released earlier and I had the thrill of reading on the blogosphere about how great it was.
I'm kinda glad I waiting actually. Anyway, I bought this on Waterstone's when they were having a half price pre-order deal. Yeah, I ordered this and two other books about 3 months before they came out...I was kinda desperate.

Favourite Sentence: 'One shall be married, one shall be famous and one shall be dead'

Synopsis: The year is 1929. New York is ruled by the Bright Young Things: flappers and socialites seeking thrills and chasing dreams in the anything-goes era of the Roaring Twenties.

Letty Larkspur and Cordelia Grey escaped their small Midwestern town for New York's glittering metropolis. All Letty wants is to see her name in lights, but she quickly discovers Manhattan is filled with pretty girls who will do anything to be a star.
Cordelia, however, is searching for the father she's never known, a man as infamous for his wild parties as he is for his shadowy schemes. Overnight, she enters a world more thrilling and glamorous than she ever could have imagined—and more dangerous. The only person Cordelia can trust is Astrid Donal, a flapper who seems to have it all: money, looks, and the love of Cordelia's brother, Charlie. But Astrid's perfect veneer hides a score of family secrets.
Across the vast lawns of Long Island, in the illicit speakeasies of Manhattan, and on the blindingly lit stages of Broadway, the three girls' fortunes will rise and fall. (Goodreads)

Review: For starters, this book is very different to the The Luxe. Throughout, I was trying to compare Letty, Astrid and Cordelia to Elizabeth, Diana, Penelope and Lina. But Godberson is so clever, that she's made them slightly similar but also completely new and inviting characters that we love as much as The Luxe ones. It's hard to say which ones they are like.
   The writing in this book was so good, the way she just illistrates something so clearly in your mind is great and I think that's one thing that I love about her books. However, I, like many other reviews I've read, found it slow to start off with and slightly boring and also, (trying not to give too much away) the argument at the beginning is over something petty. Although, personally, I think Cordelia and Letty are better apart and I liked it like that throughout the book. I would say my favourite character at the moment is Astrid. You start off by thinking she is one of these spoilt, annoying, hateful characters but you kind of learn to love her, in a way. I found Letty a tad annoying nearer the end when with Mr Glenn. And Grady...oh Grady, he's so lovely. And Luke. I think most of the boys in this book are great, much like The Luxe. The only one that I didn't particularly like was Charlie. He changes so easily!
   I also liked how the beginning part when they are in New York links to the rest of the book. The ending also leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger and I found myself sitting there, thinking  'No! What happens next?'

The other great thing about this book for me, Miss GCSE History is that we study 1920's American Popular Culture, like the flappers so I could really relate to the book and understood everything.
The book is set in May 1929 - I think we all know what happens in October 1929 - Wall Steet Crash, so I'm thinking that's going to added nearer the end of the series...

Overall, this book isn't as flawless as The Luxe Series was, but still has originality and is different to most books out there. The characters are well written and there is at least one I think that everyone will love. All I can say is bring on the book #2! Which is due out in September....great.

I give it 4 out of 5

Author's Website:

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Anna Godberson Week

Now, I may be right or wrong but on my Stats frequently when I look, one of the 'Key Words' that is put into Google is 'What Happened In the Luxe Series' or 'What Happened in Splendor, The Luxe, Anna Godberson' and well, it gets directed to my Review on Splendor so I thought that, as I'm about to finish Bright Young Things, Anna Godberson's new series set in the 20's (and is pretty amazing stuff) that next week would be....Anna Godberson Week.

I know it's kinda short notice, it being 7 hours (GMT) to Monday but well, I only just thought of it.
So this is what will be happening:

Monday: Bright Young Things review
Tuesday: What Happens in The Luxe + mini-review
Wednesday: What Happen's in Rumours + mini-review
Thursday: What Happens in Envy + mini-review
Friday: What Happens in Splendor

They may not be completely on time, depending on what homework/coursework I get given this week. Also, remember I live in the UK so those who live ahead in time of me, might be on the next day before I am - likewise to America, depending where you are.

Have fun and I hope that resolves those who search this on Google :)

Quick Update.

Yes, I have changed the design of the blog :)
Well, I was supposed to be revising for a Science exam tomorrow but I woke up at 10am so I thought 'Oh I'll do that this afternoon' as I know it basically. So I decided to do a bit of updating blogging. It only took 30 minutes.
So what do you think? Good? Bad? Tell me below and I may surprise any commenters...

Also. On Thursday, I got my Mock Results back. Yes, any older followers will know my posts on how much I hate exams or how stressed I am like here and here. Oh and here and here...
You get the picture.
So...I did okay I think. Here is what I got (this isn't like me boasting - I actually think I could have done much better, it's just some people who have had to read those posts might like to know...)

English Language: A
English Literature: A
Maths: B
Science: A
Statistics: B
History: A*
French: A* in Reading and Writing, B in Listening
Drama: A
Media: A

I actually cannot believe the History - I was on the borderline though.
I have a real Science tomorrow for Chemistry, so hopefully I do well because I didn't think I did very well on that one and got an A. Ah. Being a teenager...

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

I don't even know what to title this as.

WARNING: This is me and my 'I hate being being in Year 11' mood.

 At the moment, I am sitting at the dining room table (which is used more as a study) surrounded by paper and books about how much importance Mr Collins has in Pride and Prejudice....and shouting 'Oh my god, I cannot think properly' to my empty, lonely house.
Oh I love weekends, don't you?

I have no social life for...maybe 3/4 months. The first time in a while that I ACTUALLY WENT OUT was last Monday with some friends Christmas shopping. Yep. You heard it right, I still need to get Christmas gifts for four of my best friends. Blame mocks, not our laziness....

In other news, it is a month till MY BIRTHDAY. I will be 16 years old. Wow-as. And GCSE's, I was thinking about the other day. When you're in like Year 7,8 or 9, you don't actually realise the stress the Year 11's have. I mean, I remember thinking last year that 'Oh Year 11's going to be quite easy with the fact I've done most of the work in Year 10' WHAT?
I was so wrong. There is still so many exams and so much coursework left to do. And two of my teachers have either broken/twisted their feet...ahh.

So. I am so stressed at this minute. As much as I didn't mind Pride and Prejudice and I think Collins is probably the most well-written character by a long shot, I'm starting to hate it. This is what GCSE English does to you:

- You despise Of Mice and Men and the way Steinbeck has used so many ways to show things about the characters/places.
- I cannot watch War of the Worlds (with Tom Cruise) without analysising it and saying 'oh I love the way they've done this blah blah BLAH....'
- I hate Romeo and Juliet. I still have no idea what Shakespeare is rattling on about, although, I cannot watch the 1960's version of the movie without thinking the Romeo looks like Zac Efron, BIG time.
- I'm starting to hate Mr Collins and Pride and Prejudice in general. I have 6 more points to cover and I'm stuck and just cannot describe what is happening or what is important about it. To be honest, I think I've gone off on a rant about something I have no idea I did.
- I feel like I can Write to Persuade to anyone. Oh yeah! (oh god rebecca, you saddo)

That's kinda it. And I got it out my system. PHEW....
Oh and then, I get My Mock Results (haha MMR - anyone else find that funny?) on Thursday afternoon. Oh boy...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

David, David, David Tennant!

So I was about to write a post with a little update until I went on the Twitter I abandon all the time. And looked at trends...and found out that...Georgia Moffett is getting married to...David Tennant. Yes. I know. I nearly burst into tears.
   You see, since he joined Doctor Who, I may have a slight well...okay he's one of my Actor Crushes, as well as Colin Firth (I know he's 50 but well, he doesn't look it!)...and I think he's good looking. But he's nearly 40. This year he turns 40!
And she's 26! That's only 10 years older than-Rebecca, stop trying to kid yourself. 10 years is a lot.

I mean, if they want to get married with that age gap, it doesn't concern me but well...David. He's lovely. And I'm happy for them but well...all Doctor Who fans and David Tennant lovers will have some kind of pain at this news I'm sure.
    I admit also, Georgia Moffett is a nice person. I've actually met her...Her son goes to my old primary school and I went down there just after she was in Doctor Who and she was there and me and my friend met her and got her autograph. And she was lovely about it and really pretty actually in the flesh.

So. I am happy with the match and the fact that one of my all time favourite actors is getting married to someone that the papers described as 'smitten' with (their words, not mine) but then...I feel a pang of something there. Especially as when I read it when like such with my mother:

Me: No! This can't happen! Not to David!
*my mother gives me a weird look*
Me: David Tennant is engaged to Georgia Moffett!
Mum: Oh that's nice. Pause Who is she?
Me: Mum....she's that actress that I met at the fair a couple of years ago. From Doctor Who.
Mum: Oh that's lovely for them
Me: *whimpers*

So, the fact that another actor crush has got married is making me hungry. So I'm going to go and drown my sorrows with some chocolate.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Song For Summer - Eva Ibbotson

This was found hidden behind a pile of books with Meg Rosoff written all over them in my school library. It was in lesson time so it was incredibly quiet as I was the only one in there. So I was also the only person to see my little jump of excitement once I saw the words 'Eva Ibbotson' on the book in fancy font. The copy in there had the American cover which I slightly prefer to the English one. But oh well. My love for all things Eva Ibbotson is back with a vengence.

Genre: Historical Romance
Ellen, an English eighteen year old just out of school with a Suffragette mother and aunts, starts at Hallendorf, a financally failing school near Vienna, Austria,  as a cook/nursemaid. Hallendorf is certainly different with its wild children and eccentric teachers that swim naked in the surrounding lake or pretend to be Russian ballerinas. Then, there's the tortoise on wheels. Hallendorf is certainly unusual. Until Ellen discover the intriguing handyman, Marek, and is instantly attracted to his kind and mysterious nature. Only once she discovered his true identity and his secret work, does she realise the extend to her love for him. But Hitler's Nazi Germany is already in danger of ruining the peaceful world of Hallendorf and Ellen and Marek must realise their feelings for one another during the shadow of war and the pasting bombs before it's too late...

My own synopisis of it. Partly from the blurb. Also, on the blurb, there is the slogan 'A love like no other...' It's definitely a love that faces many barriers throught this 397 page book.
I liked this book. However, at some points, there are parts that are slightly confusing or I didn't understand. For me, I can see how the title relates to the events and a character in the book, but they don't particuarly have anything much to do with Ellen herself. Though, the main events happen in summers. So maybe that was the idea behind it. Also, Ibbotson has a tendiency to mention someone before the reader actually knows who they are. Which in some ways is good as it keeps you reading and wanting to know who they are but I felt it was done more than necessary.
   Those are my only doubts on this novel. Apart from those, that I only thought of ever so often, I loved the storyline. The setting is so original and there are some definite original characters and plot twists in there. Eva Ibbotson, in general, was always surprising me and the plot twists were sometimes so unhinted that it just kind of suddenly happened and has you sitting there shocked. She also does this thing that I LOVE, where she jumps ahead of time to show something completely different in the future and then, goes back as if you're looking into the character's thoughts over what happened.
   The historical detail and the detail in general was also great and I could easily imagine that she wanted it to be like. Simply, I could not put this book down and I absolutely loved the characters and the way they are written in so much depth. The romance also relies on fate a lot - which is very different to many other books like this.
I would recommend this to anybody studing WWII before and during, it gives it a lot of detail. And it's nice how it focuses on Austria during WWII, normally it's just Britain or Germany - the main ones. It's nice to see another side to the war.
Anyway, overall, this was an enjoyable, relaxable read which I think most people who love the genre of historical romance will enjoy. Another amazing read by the fabulous Eva Ibbotson who I am gradually falling in love with.

I give it 4.5 out of 5

Eva Ibbotson doesn't have a website. However, when I looked her up on Google, I found out she actually in fact died on the 20th October 2010 at the age of 85. Even though she now isn't alive, I really love the books of hers that I've read so far and I think I shall be reading them for years to come. I can't believe I've just discovered them.

On My Bookshelf (5)

First. Happy New Year! I hope to everyone reading this that you will have an even better 2011 than 2010. Personally, my 2010 wasn't too bad but could be better. This year for me holds GCSE'S and starting college. *whimpers*
   Anyway, this is my version of 'In My Mailbox' because honestly, I'm not known well enough to have publishers and authors to send me books - and I'm still working out how that can happen.

So here a few things that I have acquired in the past few weeks:

I've just discovered that Macro makes pictures look better...

- Bright Young Things - Anna Godberson - okay, so maybe I pre-ordered this maybe...3 months ago. I was desperate! And anyway, when I came back from holiday, it was sitting on the matt and actually offically comes out in the UK on the 7th. So I was so happy as I thought 'Finally. I have a book before everyone else in the UK. Then, yesterday, I was in Waterstones and they had many many copies of it out. My plan flawed then.
- The Morning Gift - Eva Ibbotson - hmmm...Eva Ibbotson...
- The Secret Countess - Eva Ibbotson - yess I have my own copy now!
- A Company of Swans - Eva Ibbotson - Starting to see a pattern?
- Auslander - Paul Dowswell - Again, yay-ing at the fact I now have my own copy. I am going to read this before my history exam in May...hehe.
- Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - My mum said she loved how it mentioned teenage in the title...I have no idea if that's a compliment.
- The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness - so I now have the whole trilogy of the Chaos Walking series. I love how I started with the last one, then the second and now the first.
Other Xmas Presents:
topshop cardigan (given)
H&M jumper - bought for £10 in sale
M&S jumper bought for myself for Xmas

Cath Kidson notebook
Cath Kidson make-up bag
M&S long necklaces
Booklight (which I desperately needed)
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and I hope you all have a nice 2011. And so will this blog. I've been blogging for nearly a year now. It's gone so fast...