Sunday, 2 January 2011

On My Bookshelf (5)

First. Happy New Year! I hope to everyone reading this that you will have an even better 2011 than 2010. Personally, my 2010 wasn't too bad but could be better. This year for me holds GCSE'S and starting college. *whimpers*
   Anyway, this is my version of 'In My Mailbox' because honestly, I'm not known well enough to have publishers and authors to send me books - and I'm still working out how that can happen.

So here a few things that I have acquired in the past few weeks:

I've just discovered that Macro makes pictures look better...

- Bright Young Things - Anna Godberson - okay, so maybe I pre-ordered this maybe...3 months ago. I was desperate! And anyway, when I came back from holiday, it was sitting on the matt and actually offically comes out in the UK on the 7th. So I was so happy as I thought 'Finally. I have a book before everyone else in the UK. Then, yesterday, I was in Waterstones and they had many many copies of it out. My plan flawed then.
- The Morning Gift - Eva Ibbotson - hmmm...Eva Ibbotson...
- The Secret Countess - Eva Ibbotson - yess I have my own copy now!
- A Company of Swans - Eva Ibbotson - Starting to see a pattern?
- Auslander - Paul Dowswell - Again, yay-ing at the fact I now have my own copy. I am going to read this before my history exam in May...hehe.
- Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - My mum said she loved how it mentioned teenage in the title...I have no idea if that's a compliment.
- The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness - so I now have the whole trilogy of the Chaos Walking series. I love how I started with the last one, then the second and now the first.
Other Xmas Presents:
topshop cardigan (given)
H&M jumper - bought for £10 in sale
M&S jumper bought for myself for Xmas

Cath Kidson notebook
Cath Kidson make-up bag
M&S long necklaces
Booklight (which I desperately needed)
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and I hope you all have a nice 2011. And so will this blog. I've been blogging for nearly a year now. It's gone so fast...

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