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This page is a showcase of some of my other work that has been published outside my blog. As a university student, I try to contribute pieces of writing through many different publications to get my work out there.

Nerve Online is the online blog for Bournemouth's University Nerve Media - all run by Bournemouth University students. I am part of the editorial team in the role of Online Features Sub-Editor. All the posts I have published and edited, written both by contributors and myself can be seen here.

October 2014 - Is the 'HeForShe' campaign a move in the right direction?
November 2014 - JUMP TV Relaunches!

Kettlemag is an online platform for student writers to get their articles and content published that is relevant and current.

May 2014 - The e-book and the future of a love of reading
August 2014 Are visits to museums a thing of the past?
October 2014Sexual Harrassment - why is it still at our universities?

JUMP TV is an independent television channel run by mostly Television Production students at Bournemouth University. I often assist them through presenting.

December 2014 - JUMP into Christmas special (VT and Contestant)

Nerve Magazine is Bournemouth University's student magazine, part of the wider Nerve Media, which produces news, radio shows, an online website and a magazine - all run by Bournemouth University students

February 2014  - Top 5 Feature: Ways to Make Summer Come Much Sooner (Page 67)
May 2014 - Feature: The Blogging Revolution (Page 12-13)

The Student Eye is part of the student section of Bournemouth's local newspaper, the Bournemouth Echo, established in 2014.

March 2014What is better: film, or books?
April 2014 - A guide to homesickness
May 2014 - How to be single
May 2014London Tube Strikes - is it all over-exaggerated?

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