Friday, 23 July 2010

Losing It book launch with Patrick Ness, Mary Hooper and Sophie McKenzie

So, last night....I was on Cloud 9. Basically. As anyone that actually reads this knows or has seen, I was going to the Losing It book launch in London last night to see Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking Series), Mary Hooper (Newes from the Dead), Sophie McKenzie (Girl, Missing), Bali Rai and Keith Gray. Losing It is about well...losing your virginity. Not my favourite topic but I didn't know that when I booked the tickets, did I?
   They had a discussion about the book and the things in it which was well....disturbing for four teenagers at the back,  in the age range they're talking about. I must admit that most of them got it wrong on what teenagers think.

76% of all teenagers want more sex education classes. NO WE DON'T!
I think some people won't like this being out there. Believe me, I've read much worst books than that. Some that didn't even mention the word 'Sex' in their blurb.
I think Patrick Ness, personally, got it most right about teenagers but by the looks of it, he was the youngest out of the writers...I think.

Anyway, the reason I was on Cloud 9 was that I got my copy of Monsters of Men signed by Patrick Ness who was really nice. But not only that. I'd posted a comment on his website saying I loved his books and that I was going to the launch of Losing It and when I said my name to him, he asked "Were you the Rebecca that posted a message on my website?"
So I'm standing there, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. And like normal Rebecca-style, started explaining myself. But it was the fact that he remembered my name that made me think that he really must like his fans if he would go through more than 900 comments one by one and read them. And remember them. Which is good. Very Good, in my opinion.
And I had a conversation with Mary Hooper who basically got me into Teenage novels when I was 11. I had looked at the Teen section at my library but was scared what might be in them. But then, I read The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose  by Mary Hooper and got into them...before the recommended age of 14. Whoops. So, in short,  I would say worship her but then I'd sound like a stalker. So, I love her :)
So I had the best evening.

The 'Losing It' book trailer. That was well made actually.
Mary Hooper, Patrick Ness, Sophie McKenzie. :)


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god. *jealous* And Patrick Ness is just an awesome person like that, after his freaking-amazing books, of course he would be an awesome person, eh? xD

  2. hahah I know. I was so surprised when I told him my name and he remembered it.
    He is. He's really funny too. :)


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