Thursday, 2 December 2010


It's offical. Again. The first proper snow here for the winter season. The second this year...

So, I got to spend the day wandering around the school in my vintage snow boots! They did belong to my mum when she working in London, just before I was born, when it was really snowy and she didn't have suitable shoes that day. And she doesn't use them they get pulled out the cupboard when it snows!

Right. Anyway. I am going to do something called -MONTH- as the first post every month so that it why the subject is DECEMBER as it is...December. This will be like a few things that are happening this month, books, fashion, know, random things. I have noticed that I now tend to write a lot about things happening in my life and things I want to moan about. Sorry about that. I find blogging so relaxing and nice to kind of express my views. That's why there are 16 posts in November...whoops.

So. This month. This is what's happening in Rebecca's World.

- Starting next week, I have Mocks at school for two weeks so I might be freaking out and not posting much. Or loads. I don't know what I'll be like...
- 16th December - George is having (finally) her birthday party and we're going to see WICKED.
- 17th December - An Christmas Party with my new dress (photos of it to come...)
- 25th December - MERRY CHRISTMAS!
- 31st December - Happy New Year...and that week I shall probably be musing on how my life has completely changed from this time last year AND since I got a blog especially. I'm like that. You'll have that to look forward to...

Hope you have a wonderful, seasonal December :)
Tell me what you're doing at Xmas time :)

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