I'm Rebecca, I'm 21 years-old and I originate from London. 
I'm a Bournemouth University graduate, where I gained a First in Communication and Media!

When I'm not reading or blogging, I can be found obsessively watching TV series on Netflix, browsing the shelves of bookshops, chasing the adorable, neighbourhood cats, consuming copious amounts of coffee or more likely, eating. 

Rebecca-Books was started in February 2010 when I was barely 15 and has been growing since. The blog has seen it's ups and downs and chartered my adolescence as I've grown up. It's seen me through stressful times, like A-levels; it's been there for a few firsts, like moving away from home for university. However, four years on, I'm so glad I decided to make my own space on the internet those years ago. 

This blog has been vital. If there is one thing that many people and I have realised about myself in my adolescence, it is that I love books. And always have. And probably always will. 

Find me: 
Twitter: @rebeccabooks
Goodreads: Rebecca-Books
Tumblr: rebeccabooks
Bloglovin': Rebecca-Books
Email: rebecca.p@nervemedia.org.uk
Instagram: @rebeccabooks


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  1. Hello! I’m just commenting here to let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Awards! Feel free to answer the questions on my blog, but you don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to. :)



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