Thursday, 30 June 2011

This crazy week.

So, my main news of the week is....


I never have to attend a lesson at secondary school again.
I never have to take a GCSE exam again.
I never have to go into school again  (apart from Results Day)
I never have to go to a Maths or Science or French lesson again
I am free and fab!

So, I have spent these days of freedom actually enjoying myself a little bit. My last exam was on Monday with Statistics which was okay but Index Numbers - the thing I rule at - didn't come up. Anyway, that day was my friend's 16th birthday so she had a lovely Year 7 themed party which was such a nice way to end the exam period and kind of dance the stress and the revision away. I really enjoyed myself kind of letting go and dancing with my friends and talking to them without mentioning the E word or the R word (exams and revision).

Then, by Tuesday...I had no idea what to do with myself. I was just walking around my house wondering what to do and thinking I should be upstairs revising instead of watching TV. It's such a weird feeling.
And today, I saw my best friend who goes to a different school which is nice.

And then is PROM! I don't feel excited about it yet though. I just feel excited to see everyone in their dresses and suits, see the hair and the make-up and just have some fun without worrying about things that have happened over the past couple of week in both stress, exams and relationships with one another. This time is really the time you find your friends and enemies and when people change and either sparkle or you kind of find out they're real personality. This year has been the most stressful but Year 11 has also been the best with everyone together and supporting each other, knowing that it will all end some time. It hasn't all sunk in yet really.

I will post some pictures of me in my finery. I am having my nails done and getting my hair curled! Have a lovely day :)


  1. Congratulations on finishing school! :-) Enjoy prom!

  2. Yay- I'm happy for you! I have to start my GCSEs next year and I have my core science gcse at Christmas so I have all of what you've just been through to come :( Have fun at your prom, enjoy it whilst you can :D

  3. YAYYYY ISN't it a fantastic feeling?!?! =D Have fun at prom! Mine was a blast :)

  4. Stephanie: oh joyful. Well, good luck - haha oh I remember core science, seems like such a long time ago. Well, if you need some advice on the years ahead, come to me :)

    Thank you Audrey & ham - I'm sure I will. Got my nails done already :)


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