Friday, 17 June 2011

Audrey's Awesome Awktopus Summer of YA Lit Challenge

Audrey from Holes in my Brain is amazing. Her blog makes me laugh so much, it's ridiculous yet her reviews are so interesting and I think she deserves her 1000 followers (Wow is all I can say).

Anyway, she is doing a personal challenge to do over the summer as she, like me, has left school recently and has a whole 2 months of summer (well I have 2 months anyway). I think this is such a great idea and going to make me read throughout the summer and have a goal for it.
So these are the things to complete this summer:

*Crossed out means it is completed.

1. Read 4 Books you have never heard of before = Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery - Keren David, Theodore Boone - John Grisham, Annexed - Sharon Dogar, 

2. Start and finish a series or trilogy = 

3. Read that book = An Education - Lynn Barber & The Roman Mysteries (last book) - Caroline Lawrence & Once - Morris Gleitzman

4. Read ONE classic = 

5. Read 2 books for one of those other challenges = An Education - Lynn Barber, Once - Morris Gleitzman

6. Read the book you’ve been avoiding because of hype = You Against Me - Jenny Downham 

7. Read a book published before year 2000 = 

8. Read stand-alone books by the same author = 

9. Read a summer-related book = 

10. Buy a book = Girl with a Pearled Earring - Tracy Chevalier


  1. awwh <3 I'm so glad you're participating, good luck to both of us! =D

  2. Ooh what a neat idea. I love a good challenge and this one is perfect for the summer holiday. I have never heard of Audrey. I'm going to check out her blog.

  3. Audrey: YAAY! Yeah you too

    Becky: I know, it's nice as it's only for a short period. Yeah, check it out, it's a great blog - one of my favourite.


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