Friday, 3 June 2011

A-Z Authors - C

I found out about this through Phanee from funny wool and is hosted by Heather at Proud Book NerdI thought it looked quite fun so this month, I shall be doing a post every day (except Sundays) where I shall tell you about amazing authors that have surnames beginning with that letter. I hope you enjoy and tell me if you know any more with that letter and I'll add it to the post! Thanks.
NOTE: As I am doing my exams at the moment, I may miss days so shall combine letter together, I'll say if I do in the title - Thanks.
Here we go....


She may have only written two novels, one of which I have read, but I really did love her book 'Chocolate Cake with Hitler'. There was such a huge amount of research gone into that book, it's amazing really - you can just tell by reading it. Now, whenever I hear about the death of Hitler, the death of the Goebbels or see anything to do with her father or herself, I smile and think of the book and her voice within it. The other day I was watching 'Valkryie' and it shows them running out the office and it made me think of her then. 
Emma Craigie's writing is great and so enjoyable for those that are historical fans like me. 
Other Books: Who was King Henry VIII: The Exploding King


  1. I saw Valkyrie recently and it was good. I think that book would be quite interesting. Thanks! :-)

  2. There's also a book of Valkryie that was released with the movie by the way :)

  3. Was there now? Oooh, I will definitely have to get my hands on that. Thanks! :-)


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