Wednesday, 15 June 2011

You will have me back soon - And some help PLEASE

I know it's been a while but


Sorry, I am a bad blogger. You have been given Tuesday Top Ten's, A-Z Authors and the occasional review. I am very sorry but you were warned.

I have done 14 exams of my 15 GCSE's and the last one, Statistics, is in under two weeks with a trip every day next week to see my wonderful Maths teacher for revision. Oh joy.
Although, after that, my summer begins!
One of my close friends has her birthday the day of the Statistics exam so is having a party that evening. Then, I have a Leavers Lunch where I get the yearbook and see lots of people a couple of days later and then at the end of the week, I have Prom.

Yes Prom. Not so big-limo-fake-tan-big-dresses-with-poofy-skirts-and-sleeves American style prom but a nice dinner and dance afterwards with my fellow students and teachers. Which I thought was nice and I'm looking forward to it. I shall post a picture of me and my prom dress which I can truthfully say have been DYING to tell the world about but I've been keeping it in apart from a picture on my phone to the selected few.

Anyway, not many things in the way of bookish things really. Although I am planning something special. I am also going to have a poll/questionaire once I figure out how to put Google Documents on Blogger after 2 tries already. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DO THIS AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

I am so excited for this summer, it's unbelievable and I will of course keep you all updated, if you care or not.

One last thing of this ramble, ANYONE RECOMMEND A GOOD FOUNDATION preferably in powder form that's on the High Streets and at a reasonable price.
I need some for Prom and I don't normally wear it so I'm a bit clueless. And also ANYONE RECOMMEND ANY EYELINER THAT STAYS ON FOR HOURS AND DOESN'T SMUDGE - again I shall love you for life.

Oh, and read this - I cannot believe this either. That is so horrible and shouldn't have been allowed:


  1. Stephanie @ Books Are A Girl's Best Friend15 June 2011 at 16:49

    You must be very relieved you only have one exam left- good luck with the statistics! It will be great to see your prom dress- I love pretty dresses.

    The way you put a Goodle Doc. into blogger is to go into the form spreadsheet, click form on the menu at the top and then embed form in a webpage. It should then come up with a html code that you paste into the html section of the blogger post writer. You can change the dimensions to fit your blog. I hope that helps!

  2. Thank you!
    I'm glad you confirmed I did it the right way, I typed it into Google.

    Yeah I am so relieved, I feel like I can kind of relax a little bit now.
    Yeah, I'll put a picture up in all my finery when it happens in a couple of weeks :)


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