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Tuesday Top Ten: Favourite things of being a Blogger (#13)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

I have been blogging a while now, and in this post, is the reason I started blogging in the first place, I have mentioned it before but not in great detail. If you are a old follower and have wondered or would like to know, look at Number One. 

This week's theme is my favourite things about being a Blogger as it is The Broke and The Bookish's one year blogoversary!

*WARNING* There are long paragraphs because I talk a lot and I love this week's topic!

1. Being able to share my love of books without being judged harshly - At my school and especially in society now for teenagers, I was classed as the 'Weird Kid', the one that always had their head in a book - the 'geek'. All of these I don't mind being and I can say truthfully, I know I am what people class as a 'geek' or 'neek' as some brainboxer came up with. It's always been like that. However, since getting a blog, I haven't been as ashamed about reading and being obsessed with books as much.
I remember at the beginning of Year 10 last year, our English teacher made us write a little bit about ourselves as an introduction, what we thought about ourselves. In mine, I wrote 'People call me a 'geek' or whatever word you want to call someone who loves books, actually listens and gets good grades and probably sucks up to the teachers a little bit and gets upset when they're in trouble. To be honest, I totally agree with them. I love books. I hate being told off and doing wrong. And I would rather be indoors reading than out with my friends.' Her reaction was a big red '!'. That was written in September 2009 - a rather long time ago. 
In February 2010, I changed. I have mentioned this before but never in detail but here you go. I got a new boyfriend who I had known for a while and had actually gone out with my best friend a couple of years beforehand. He was lovely, kind, fun and thought what seemed the world of me. But then, about the time I made this blog, he told me he would be moving to Australia in the March. So, Europe - I wouldn't worry - not that far. Australia? Across the fricking world? A 24 hour flight? A little bit like 'Oh. Okay then.' It wasn't a surprise. He had said he would maybe be moving to Australia when he went out with my friend but hadn't so I kind of didn't take it seriously and carried on as we were, thinking it would be there, but never happen.  
It wasn't until he actually broke up with me that it kicked me in the face. There were those awkward weeks where you kind of don't know how to act as you were close but then it's like 'Hey, you broke up with me, grr'. So in the middle of March, he went to Australia. And to be honest, I was sad and annoyed at myself because I didn't appreciate him while he was here until he had gone. Basically, it took me a while to get over him and I completely forgot about the blog. It wasn't until Year 10 ended and I still was sad and felt alone with my close friends all having guys they went out with or liked and I had no-one, that I took blogging seriously. And then I felt better, I made friends with people in the community on here and loved to talk about something that helps me get away from the world: reading. And I have carried that one from then on and I realised that reading isn't a bad thing to do, if anything it's one of the best things in the world for you to do.
*Sorry for that long thing*

2. Finding out about some books that interest me before the release so I can save up - Because I follow mostly bloggers that live in America where a lot of books come out earlier than in the UK, I like the fact I can see their reaction to it. Countless of times, I have seen some books in the library or the bookshop and went up to them after recognising the cover and thinking 'BAD REVIEWS' and moved away and got an even better book than that one. It's nice to have that link with people who don't live in your country or culture and find out about their way of life and how their life works. 

3. Reading genres and books I would never have entered before - If you'd said to me when I made this blog that some of the things I read now like the Dystopian genre, I would love, I would laugh you off and run away frantically. It's only because I saw good reviews for 'The Declaration' series that I finally picked it up after naming it THAT book that I wanted to read but was unsure. Thanks!

4. The Blogging community - I've kind of mentioned this but this is the thing I value most of all. The community that comes along with Blogging. I love it. I have made so many friends through blogging and seen opinions for things, I wouldn't even think of. This includes Authors, Book Bloggers, Publicists and bloggers that don't specialise in books but love them all the same! 
I know that I am part of a special, modern group of people who can talk for hours about books and will support and help each other. We're like a family really.

5. Comments - The one thing I have loved from the beginning is comments. I think any blogger can say this but I love to know what people think about what I'm writing and I makes me sure that people read what I'm writing and like it so I'm not just writing this for myself like I used to before I became serious on blogging. I just feel so happy and I think every blogger appreciates them more than they can say just to know someone else's thoughts.

6. The excuse to go in old secondhand musty bookshops - These are my favourite places, as well as libraries. My parents know I love reading, I always have and they bought me so many books as a child, but they don't know about the blogging. But I do sometimes use it as an excuse in my mind to go in them and look for a nice book as a treat for myself. I usually am spoilt for choice.

7. Being aware of that industry - When I first started the blog, I wanted to be a journalist or an actress - totally different things right? Now, I would love to go into book publishing or historical research for books or movies. Both things have bookish references and I think these jobs are the result of being a book blogger and learning things about the industry, and the process of making books, giving books away etc. 

8. Blogging makes me proud, happy, excited and everything in between - I love it so much, I cannot describe it. I know when I come home, I have this to do, that people listen to me, like my writing and enjoy my blog in general. I love reading other people's thoughts, seeing pictures and ratings. 
Recently, I've been having friends troubles and not been going out much and I know I have this thing and this community that do care, even if other people don't and that makes me so happy and much more cheerful. Otherwise I think I would be a wreak half the time! Hence last year when I got serious about blogging. 

There are probably things I haven't thought of but these are the things that come to mind. I hope you enjoy!


  1. I know what you mean about being labelled the 'geek'. Most of my friends aren't into reading, and if they are than they don't read as much as me. It is sad really, that people think that just because people like us like to get good grades it means we are 'weird' and 'geeky'. Oh well.
    I love getting comments too, and though I'm not a proper book blogger, I do love books :)

  2. I've found that a lot of the books I read for review actually come out earlier in the UK than America. It's a nice change from always being behind :)

  3. great topic today--it's nice to think about why we like to do this. I like associating with people who like books as much as I do. have a nice day. kaye-the road goes ever ever on

  4. Haha, I was far worse than a geek, I was a NERD! But on the other hand, I was the mayonnaise in our class (c.f. Teen Idol by Meg Cabot). Once everyone got over the fact that I was a bit of an insufferable know-it-all it was okay. And I've got confidence to boot, so apart from minor regretful instances I've never been troubled by labels.

    There's so many things in your post that ring true for me as well: 4, 5 and 8. But that's mainly because I'm not a book blogger (I really have no clue what "genre" I blog). It's great to see comments, and I agree that it's a great way of giving feedback and showing your appreciation for an entry.
    The community is great too! (Oh goodness, I feel like Mandy Moore in Because I Said So) You guys are excellent readers and I feel comfortable sharing things with you :)

  5. I think the Blogging community is one of the best parts for most bloggers out there! I never expected everyone to be so nice! I am a generally shy person and it took me some time to get used to starting up conversations, but I believe I am getting a lot better at it!

    I used to get called a 'plant', which is the equivalent of a geek in Greece. I always used to ignore them, and, if it got too bad, I used to answer back by telling them that it's better to be a 'plant' than a 'brick'... That shut them up! I like the way I am and I never let other people's opinions of me dictate how I should be.

  6. Amy: It is sad actually that we have to feel accepted by creating a blog and joining an online community just because we like books which make you more intelligent and can read which is something we all take for granted. hahah, we all do!

    Ellie: Really? haha yeah, it's nice when you have a book in your hand and think 'HA, I am one of some people that am reading this book now!' well, I do anyway.

    kaye: Yeah, it is nice to thinking deeply about why this is possible and why we enjoy it so much. You too :)

  7. Nessie: I think being a teenager growing up, I try not to take it to heart but then, you always have it ringing in your ear as you know what people think of you. I'm not the most confident person in the world but I know I shouldn't take it to heart - yet I sometimes do. I used to sit in the corner of my form room and read because I knew no-one else and although I was self-conscience of what people were thinking - I was happy and that's the main thing. Haha, for me it's just the knowledge that I have some people behind me although I may not have met them or know them incredibly well. hahah you are like Mandy Moore!

    Phanee: It is. And it's like, you don't know them personally so you won't see them tomorrow so you can disagree and go against what they are saying. Really? That's interesting actually. And this is the kind of thing I meant by learning about different people and their cultures. I would never have known that if you hadn't told me.

    Thanks for commenting everyone! :)

  8. I absolutely get the point you are making. I don't reckon I came out of the womb thick-skinned, but my bigger brother made sure I developed it ;) Although I must say it's harder not to be affected by these things if it's your own family saying it. But I'm not too bothered by it anymore either. You can't please everybody, but you should definitely please yourself, so I think your behavior was completely right.
    Haha oh how I wish I were like Mandy Moore for reals. All the money, talent and looks :P

  9. Maybe that was my problem at the start of life, I'm an only child and when I was younger, my parents worked full time so I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who thinks the world of me as I'm her only grandchild.

    Me too. Although things do hit me more coming from people I'm more attached to. My 'used to be' best friend has just started calling me horrible names and always critising me which drives me nuts. I don't want to start a fight with her though because that's not nice for me or the other friends of ours. I know I need to say something though.

    Haha, don't we all?


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