Monday, 4 July 2011


So on Friday night, I attended my first ever Prom to celebrate the end of secondary school as it's the end of our exams. All the girls for WEEKS have been flying around getting make-up, accessories, shoes, THE DRESS while the boys well....most of them only got their suit a couple of days before and made it seem like getting just that was the hardest thing in the world. 

I got my dress back in March just before the Drama to kind of get the buying out the way so I could focus on everything else and so I had time to get accessories e.g. bag, shoes, jewellery. I had the dilemma of my hair which is dead straight and fails at anything else. 
Anyway, even after the build up and the stories of it being bad last year, it was amazing. I had such a lovely night with everyone I know and it was nice to know that no-one was uninvited or left out because they weren't. Everyone enjoyed it, even those who you don't normally hang out with. It was fantastic. So, as promised, here are some pictures from the night and the most important one...THE DRESS...

So this is me, about 11am in the morning of the day. I had my nails done with my friend at a nail parlour near me which do it professionally for £5 - not too bad, huh? I also, then, around 3pm, went and got my hair done. I sat in the hairdressers for an hour reading while they curled my hair which went extremely well despite the fact my hair has never normally stayed in. It was great, and I liked having bouncy curly hair instead of boring straight. It felt really light actually. My hair, alas, is not curly any more and back to normal. 
So I went from this to....

Dress, Monsoon
Bag, shop in Cyprus
Shoes, M&S
Bracelet, Accessorize

THIS! This is in my back garden with the washing line, table and uncut grass. I can't be too glamourous right? I loved the dress, not too long but not too short and I can move really easily in it. My only fret was did it make my chest look too big...which when I asked was shot down by my parents and friends. 
I had three friends around to mine to get ready and then we drove down to the Rugby Stadium where it was being held in a Rolls Royce. A friend of my dad's owns one and offered to take us there in it. We were a little early so we stayed outside and watched everyone arrive which was great and then went in and partied the night away, as they say.

I love these shoes that one guy was wearing...

It was sad saying bye to people but then, a lot of the people there are going to my college and I hope to see some of them over the summer. It's sad that I have spent at least 5 years with them all and Year 11 has made us all come together and support each other a little bit more than we were in the earlier years maybe.  I mean some of them I've known for over 13 years from Primary School - those are the ones I hope to stay in touch with.

I wish we could have it all over again...although I don't think any of us could afford another one, hah :) 

Have a lovely day :)


  1. Oh congratulations! I'm glad you had a fun time! I hear lots of complaints about prom, but I'm glad someone had a great time!

  2. Lovely dress, Rebecca! :) I have really straight hair too, that refuses to stay curled for more than a couple of hours... It's irritating really! So glad you had such a nice time!

  3. What a beautiful dress! I hope you had a blast!

    (Oh, and I love that t-shirt. LOL)

  4. Wow Rebecca- your dress is beautiful! I'm glad to hear you had fun :) My hair's straight like yours too and I'd love to have it in a similar style as you did for my prom.

  5. Oh thank you guys :)
    Yeah I hate it but then a lot of my friends have curly hair and hate it that I have straight hair so I guess it works both ways. It's weird that EVERYONE dressed up, not just a couple of people.

    Ham: hahah yes, one of my favourite. A Topshop purchase :)


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