Friday, 24 June 2011

My Museum Day, Food and Carnegie.

First,  I would like to say that....PATRICK NESS WON THE CARNEGIE AWARD. I was hoping he would win, not only because I love his books and don't like any of the other shortlisters but I think he deserves it as he's so nice to teenagers and children which I like and he reads all of his comments on his website - which I think is the best thing. His books are also amazing and a lot of people, both in England and all over the world love them. I am so happy he won and also that he said something about libraries in his acceptance speech. Let's face it - someone had to do it I think, sooner or later.

Anyway, Monday. My last ever GCSE (hopefully) and it's...Statistics. So not the most enlightening thing in the world but I'm alright with it..I think...let's just say - I prefer it much much much MUCH MUCH more to Mathematics. SO MUCH MORE.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to London with two of my friends. Instead of doing the typical teenage thing of going shopping on Oxford Street, we went to...South Kensington. Yes, this still sounds normal.

At South Kensington, among going to the most amazing ever bakery in the world and having the loveliest pannini's also in the world (Got to love London for their food), we went to the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum (the V&A). And although, many 'cool' people would be like 'Oh what saddos' it was actually mega fun. I had a great day being a kid again in a kid-free area (it's still school term for most kids so there were only school trips around - YES TO STUDY LEAVE)

So. First we went to the Science Museum where there had been a power cut so we had a mooch around the Space section and then, headed for the Natural History Museum which I am so sad to say...I have never been there before. I was more of a nice, pretty, spacey gal in my younger years and the dinosaurs at the Natural History scared me to bits...even though they are bones - but there is a simulator one! It's so interesting there and there was this great Earthquake room where you experience, I think, a magutude of 6 on the Richter Scale. Which is something I definitely don't want to experience in reality...
So, afterwards we headed for lunch at this cafe I've been to before opposite the station where they have the loveliest pannini's known to man - I'm serious. I had a...chicken, bacon, brie pannini for only about £5 (which is pretty good for London) and it was pretty much heaven for me foodwise.

Anyway, we headed after lunch back for the Science Museum where we could go a little bit further in now and we went to the Launchpad. It is amazing there with all these scientific tests and experiements - it's great in there. We were fasinated by this piece of clear glass that is freezing cold and when you spray water on it, you can look through these lens and see it crystallising - it's so beautiful.

I love that place. It's so great and so original and 
Afterwards, we went to the V&A for a bit and then headed for the Hummingbird Bakery. Hmmm....I love it. It's a little bit pricey but for the size and niceness of the cupcakes, you don't mind. It's a nice quirky, unique bakery which some yummy cakes on offer...I had to resist some of the cakes personally. And the best bit? The take-away containers (below) - I absolutely love them, they are so cute and a nice way to carry them around with you. It's like a Chinese take-away container but it has a little metal handle to hold around, like a mini bag.

My Cake (below) was a Vanilla cake with Vanilla icing and hundreds and thousands. My friennds both had Red Velvet cakes which also looked delicious. And the Lemon Cheesecake - I wanted it all. EVERY SINGLE CRUMB.

So that was my day. Hoepfully that was marginally interesting for you. And 50 FOLLOWERS. I am a happy gal right now. 


  1. I had a Carnegie party with my school book club! I wanted Prisoner Of The Inquisition to win but I'm happy for Patrick Ness because his series has been on the shortlist for 3 years running now even though I haven't read it. It looks like you had lots of fun in London- I love lemon cheesecake too! Congratulations on hitting 50 followers- you deserve it :)

  2. I can't wait to do some sightseeing next time I'm in London ... I usually just get to do family visits :P Congrats on 50 followers!

  3. Stephanie: Hey! Your commenting is working again! Yeah exactly, he should get it I think. Seriously?Read it, they're really good although, they do look a bit kind of like those 'boy' books. But they're not, I don't think anyway. The 2nd and 3rd are the best.
    Oh thank you :) And yes, I know limited amounts of people who don't like it, it's so nice!

    Amy: I've been around all the sights in London but I live in the suburbs on a 20 minute train ride away so I kind of have to. But it's nice to go back to these places, they're always changing. Thanks :)

  4. Yes, I installed google chrome and it's working again now! I'm going to post a note on my blog to let everyone know soon. I might try Ness's books when I get a chance :) I know what you mean about them looking like boys books, which is probably what pushed them down my list.

  5. YAAY!
    Yeah, I went on Internet Explorer the other day on here and it still isn't working. Got to be something to do with that then.
    Yes do! I think you'll like them :)


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