Sunday, 26 June 2011

Some Stats.

As a blogger, I love to have the occasional look at my Stats just to see how I'm doing. I haven't looked in a while but I was surprised from what I saw. So surprised and it makes blogging so surreal.  Also, I have my last exam tomorrow, Statistics and I thought, this linked with it.

I have 50 followers.
I have had 13 pageviews today
I had 23 yesterday
I had 1,283 last month

I have had 10,408 pageviews of all time in my entire history. (Erm, WOW!?)

The most looked at post is my review of Splendor by Anna Godbersen, 2nd,  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and 3rd, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

The most looked at page is Reviews A-Z, 2nd, About Me, 3rd, Challenges/Contests

My main traffic sources are
Stephanie's blog - Books are a Girl's Best Friend
The Broke and the Bookish
YA Addict
Large Hearted Boy  - not that I know who this is but I love him all the same ?

My blog is looked at from 10 different countries - UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil, India, Philippines, Greece

The most used Browser is Internet Explorer and Firefox (interesting)
The most used operating system is Microsoft and Macintosh. Surprise, Surprise.

I'm not showing you all that my blog is going well and gloating, I was just amazed at these Stats and thought I would share it. I cannot believe it at all. That many people want to read about me and my rambles on books? Looks like it...


  1. I know what you mean about stats- I'm always amazed to know that people actually want to read what I say tpp. It's interesting to see you get traffic from my blog- probably from my blogroll :)

  2. Your blog is looked at from 11 different countries - I look at it from Ireland!

  3. Stephanie: Yeah, I know! Maybe from comments too? It is pretty amazing. Oh am I on your blog roll? Thank you :)

    Amy: haha, sorry...blame Blogger.

  4. I'll be your German contribution ;) I am such a stat-lover (that's the geek in me!), but I can only be awe-inspired by the ones you rack up...

  5. Yes, you're welcome :) I love reading your blog so I want others to know about it too!


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