Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A-Z Authors - M

I found out about this through Phanee from funny wool and is hosted by Heather at Proud Book NerdI thought it looked quite fun so this month, I shall be doing a post every day (except Sundays) where I shall tell you about amazing authors that have surnames beginning with that letter. I hope you enjoy and tell me if you know any more with that letter and I'll add it to the post! Thanks.
NOTE: As I am doing my exams at the moment, I may miss days so shall combine letter together, I'll say if I do in the title - Thanks.
Here we go....


Gemma Malley

Dystopia fiction never used to appeal to me really. I thought the ideas were great and original but they never used to make me think 'Wow. I want to read that!' at all. Until Gemma Malley. 
I had seen her book dozens of times in the shops but it was only when I had seen a review for the second book in The Declaration series that I actually started to pay any notice to them. Then, about a week later, I was at my friend's house and noticed the first copy of the book, asked what she thought and after her sister saying it was really good, I borrowed it from her. And the rest, they say, is history. 
I love her writing because it makes it modern and understandable even with all the foreign words and scientifical words laced in. It's easy to read and I love the characters of Peter and Anna in that series. She also plays with tension and timing well making you find things out at the last hour or make you think something else is going to happen. She is always keeping you guessing which I liked and I think really is the essence to books like this to make it interesting and I think that's where Numbers failed the other week ago.
I need to read more books of hers but if there is one series that I would recommend certainly, it would be this one. They are really good and really put another take on what the future might actually be like.
Her Books: The Returners, The Declaration series - The Declaration, The Resistance, The Legacy,

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