Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Please Read This. Thank You.

I am 15 years old, right? I am 16 in 2 months and am going to college next year. Even though in England, it's not compulsory. I still am because I want to get a good job that I want to do and good grades and qualifications.
Anyway, before you wonder why I'm stating this, you'll understand now.

Today, in my French lesson, our teacher came in without a friendly 'Bonjour' or 'Les Devoirs?'. No, one of the first things she said was 'Do you know anyone in this class that was in that walk out at break because of the university fees?'

Okay, I just want to say that, I would like to go to university if I feel it necessary. My English teacher says 'Keep in education as long as you can; it will help with your future job.'
Which is one reason why I would like to go, apart from the typical answer, like I said above.
I have no idea what I'd study but I'll jump that hurdle when I get there. If I get there.
I also know that you have to pay to go to university and I agree £9,000 tuition fees is a bit heavy, especially with the fact we're in a crisis with money etc.

But seriously, go out of school to stand outside one of the Liberal Democrats offices and protest, rather loudly, about them. And you're in Year 10. That's the year below me, so they're about 14/15 and have at least 3/4 years until they have to even think seriously about university.

I would join them. I have to admit, if I wasn't in school, revising for exams that I need to pass to go to university, I would have gone too. But it's the wrong way to do it...and in Year 10, still in secondary school where the prospect of even applying for a certain university isn't even thought of yet? No, I personally don't think they should have gone themselves.

One reason for writing this: I saw an article posted on Facebook about from one of the people involved in it. You're proud that you did that? That you made the school look bad; young people look terrible, as per usual; and got your name and voice in the papers and want all your friends and peers to know so you can gloat? Is that really what this is all about?
And, I'll tell you what. It was all the 'popular' Year 10's. Yep, Popular people still 'rule' the year groups. They think they can do these things because they have the 'power'. I'm not one of these people. I think those kind of people who care only about their status in school, hair, make-up, getting a boyfriend...it's pathetic and sad. Wait till you get into the real world and the frantic world of GCSE's...

And the worst part? The other reason why I'm writing this. I was waiting at the bus stop today after a revision class. It was snowy and all the older people coming home from shopping were underneath the bus shelter and I didn't want to stand in the snow I'd just been walking in. So I stood right at the end of shelter where there is a little bit of glass over you, and you're right by where the bus stops. And when a bus came (not my one), this woman shoved by and said loudly 'Right now, the bus has come, you can wait in the queue like the rest of us. You young people these days! You think you can do whatever you want.'
And actually, that hurt me a little because I would have let her and the rest who had been waiting for the bus first go in front of me; I was just standing there for convience.

Why should all young people have a bad image because of this and other things because of a small miniority making people think it's general amongst all young people? Why? And then, gloating about making this 'point'?

I don't understand the society we live in sometimes. I really don't.


  1. So terrible to read this! I'm 31 and honestly I read and write YA. I love young people! My son is almost 13 and his friends love hanging at our house because I try to make it a safe haven for them. I truly hope things pick up for you, keep your head up! There are better days to come, and keep in mind that you are not one of THOSE teens, so no matter what, don't let the stereotype get you down!

  2. oh thanks :)
    I was talking to my mum about it and she said that really if you don't have a teenager as a daughter or a grand daughter then, really you never see the good things about them. Which I would say is true.

    Thanks for commenting. It made me smile :)

  3. What made me laugh is that most of the Year 10s who ran out of the school to "protest" had no idea what they were protesting about. What made me laugh even more is the fact that if they had told the school what they were doing beforehand with permission from their parents they would have been allowed to leave anyway, and would have had no need to break the electric gate open.
    Ah, Year 10s nowadays. I mean seriously, were we ever that stupid?

  4. They broke the electric gate open? Well, that part I didn't know...
    I know. But when I was at Chase Bridge, the year below me where always in trouble so maybe they influenced the rest of them. I mean, they say our year is bad but them...they're terrible. Yeah this post was mostly me being the old woman I am and moaning...

  5. This is such an interesting post. I do think the media and politicians make our teens look like a bunch of unruly thugs. It annoys me so I can imagine how incensed you are. The issue of tuition fees is a contentious one. Do I think students should be able to protest? Yes absolutely. Should they bunk school to do it? Not if there point is that they want to have further education. I mean that defeats the objective right? If it was at break, well then maybe they do have the right. But protests must be non-violent and rational. How else will they be taken seriously? If they truly believe in their actions, then I quite admire them.

    But it isn't fair that one group's actions makes teens like you experience abuse from older people.

  6. I mostly wrote it because I wanted to express my kind of annoyance.
    I agree. Students do have the right but to bunk off school, does defeat the whole object of protesting for uni fees. I can see why they did it but it was just the fact that they're in Year 10 and have just gone into that year. Now Year 11 like me, who have that to think about much more sooner.
    Thank you for commenting as well :)


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