Sunday, 21 November 2010

oh how I wish it could be Christmas every day.'

While everyone else is out Christmas shopping and watching the new Harry Potter movie (which I got a ticket to but had to to give it away because I have a Stagecoach performance next week :S)
But the person, I gave it to is MUCH MUCH more of a Harry Potter fan than I am so I'm kinda glad she got it and I think she appreciated the movie much more than I would have.
Anyway, I digress. While everyone is enjoying themselves, I am cooped up indoors doing an incredible amount of homework/coursework and revision for my MOCKS which are only TWO WEEKS AWAY. AHHH.
I cannot relax properly or get into the festive mood before those dreaded things are done and over with. However, me and my friend are planning to go up to Beyond Retro next weekend on the hunt for a dress to wear to my friend's annual Christmas Party and New Year's Eve.

Beyond Retro...I want to live there. Forever. It's a vintage outlet at cheaper prices, one on Brick Lane, Whitechapel and the other's near Carnby Street which is behind Oxford Street, for those who didn't know.
I've only been there once but I bought a men's shirt which I later looked up and is from about the 80's/90's.
So as I wanted something a little bit different, this had got to be the place right? Though, there are some nice dresses in H&M so that's my back-up plan. :)

Joey gave me this when she came back from Hong Kong and it now hangs from my noticeboard. You can also see the Beyond Retro tag from that shirt I bought.

Have a nice week! :) x


  1. I love beyond retro too!
    There's a Frock Night there on Thursday...
    have a look at their facebook for the event..

    laura xx

  2. oooo. thank you very much for that!
    I might have to go to that ha :)
    I know, it's such a lovely shop. x


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