Saturday, 27 November 2010

It's a month till Xmas?

I offically have a cold. My first of the winter season. Oh joy.

So while I'm sitting at my desk surrounded my revision books, my mother comes in and announces she would like my Christmas list. Now, I know it's a month until Christmas but still, I don't want to think about it yet, it's come around too soon. And for me, I want to survive my mocks before I even think about it. Though I am going on holiday for a few days before the new year :)

Also, I had a great day yesterday. Despite it being rather cold (-3 at about 8am) and sitting on a bus to school for nearly an hour (when it's normally only 20 minutes) and therefore, being late, I had a pretty good day.

I did my Stagecoach performance of Little Shop of Horrors which George came to with my other friends, Tijana and Ben. And of course, my parents. It went well, though there were a few mistakes and the skirt I was wearing was slowly strangling me. But anywho. :)
      Then, I went to my friend, Julie who I have known for about 13 years (how she puts up with me I don't know) for her 16th birthday party at her house with some friends from her school. It was great and loooovely to see her, even though she spent that hour on the bus with me in the morning.
And I saw Final Destination...finally. It was actually quite good...though I may have looked away for the gruesome bits. :D
And now, there's a rugby match down the road so I'm confined to the house, revising like crazy, eating about everything in the house and writing my Xmas list. Oh winter...


  1. Your show was great! You were great! Everything was great! You know what else was great? That guy at the end. "Feed me Seymour.." I loved his glasses.

  2. hahah he made me chuckle. :)
    Compare him to the sweet innocent little Stage ones...


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