Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ramblings #3

My 'Pride and Prejudice' re-write was described as 'Absolutely Fab' by my English teacher with the comment 'I laughed out loud' scribbed underneath. Probably with that glass of wine all the teachers seem to mention when it comes to coursework or homework.
Well, I don't blame them...

So. How are we all doing?
I am a little stressed. I am told to revise for my mocks in a couple of weeks and then they pile 6 pieces of homework on me FOR ONE WEEKEND. I mean, if you want us to revise, stop with the homework please. I don't physically have enough time to 'have a social life' which they encourage, revise, sleep, read, do homework and then, go Xmas Shopping!!

Which moves me on to Xmas. This afternoon, when I walked into my house, there was a....Christmas card on the floor mat. The first Xmas card of the year. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, IT'S THE 10TH NOVEMBER! It's not even a month until Christmas! And I have no idea what to get my friends, I need to buy for...about 7 of them. Yeaah, I know, a lot. Oh Life...

I also for some reason have a slight addiction to cheese at the moment. I need it every single minute. And when I open my fridge, I always see Brie sitting there, smiling up at me thinking EAT ME, EAT ME! How I want it but don't want to get fat by eating loads of it...

I'm done. You can have a look around now. Thank you :)


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