Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ramblings #2

So. At the moment, I'm supposed to be doing homework. My English homework this week was to re-write Chapter One of Pride and Prejudice in a modern style twist.
That would easy IF IT HADN'T BEEN DONE BEFORE. phew...

So yeah I'm reading that at the moment. I think I've been biten by the P&P bug. I know...I want Mr Darcy in the room right now. This instant. But no. He's a fictional character. (groans)
So yeah one of the guys in my class was saying 'Oh why does everyone love Mr Darcy so much?'
And well...yeah. Why do we all swoon over Mr Darcy and re-read the bit where he's in the lake or replay it with Colin Firth who is gorgeous and so absolu- So why?
Well, personally, I think it's because he may be all proud and that but he comes out with the sweetest things and is actually a big emotional little girl waiting to get out and show his feelings. He also does so much for Elizabeth just because he loves her. (Future boyfriends, take note.)
And then, there's that he's drop dead gorgeous.

So that's what's been on my mind. And:
- I got tickets to see Katy Perry at Wembly with my best friend next Easter. Which I can't wait for!
- And I'm going to see Wicked in December for my (absolutely amazing) best friend, George's birthday. I HAVE THE SONGS IN MY HEAD 24/7! And I want to read the book too. :)
- And I'm going to see the new Harry Potter film the day it's out and found out that someone from my Stagecoach is in it :)
- Oh. And I have Mocks. Lots of them.

Also, I found this from about two years ago. Enjoy - shows how this blog was created really :)


  1. You've mentioned several times now that you want to meet Mr Darcy, and I wholeheartedly agree with you, but there is one issue that needs clearing up. Which one - Colin Firth or The Other One?
    One one hand, there's Colin Firth, who has some pretty impressive sideburns and looks so YOUNG in that film, as I keep saying to Tijana. On the other hand... in fact, The Other One doesn't have much going for him. The ugly hair doesn't help.

    So, Colin Firth then. Glad we cleared that one up.

    By the way, I hate to ruin your Darcy-rant but I feel that I should tell you that as far as I know, the bit when Mr Darcy is in the lake doesn't actually happen in the novel. I'm not sure that it's the kind of thing that Jane Austen would have deemed appropriate to write about...

    And just so you know, I object to being called the "other" best friend!

  2. oh george. Yeeaaah, Colin Firth though I watched Lost in Austen, and Darcy is pretty nice in that one.
    haha, i love you sometimes...and your lacrosse skills.
    Oh well, it happens in my world...and Colin Firth's...and Miss Davies-Jones and about a million other women's.
    Well, if you object, look now then.

  3. My lacrosse skills are amazing, ok? It's just that the rest of the world doesn't necessarily know that...


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