Tuesday, 2 November 2010

'I Need a Holiday with my friends'

Quoted from the brilliant Scouting For Girls who I was listening to on the way home from Florida.
Yep. You heard it Florida. I went there over my half term where there were record temperatures (and then I come back to rainy 16 degrees England).

But anyway. So I'm back. Without a tan...like per normal. And I brought 3 books....yep, I know. It's a sickness methinks.
While my parents were looking at men's trousers in Wal-Mart (don't ask), I wandered over to the book section...which was disappointly small for such a huge store. It's so freaky how many 'vampire' books there were for young readers including Twilight
(pukes. Sorry I hate it. I've seen the movies though and seriously, does Jacob own a decent t-shirt? And then there's the fact I've met Robert Pattinson...believe me, it's not that amazing up close. He's quite good looking though...anyway...moving on back to the point.)
And different abnormal covers of Sarah Dessen books. The cover is completely weird and much more thinner and longer.
All I can say is US book buying are completely different to England book buying....

My Little Pile of Books that formed.
And there were a few firsts. I went to a Hard Rock Cafe at Universal which was amazing. Because I've never been to one and this one was HUGE. We're talking big.
And I went to the Kennedy Space Centre and saw the shuttle that's lauching tomorrow.

This is something to leave you with. Reviews for the books I read while I was there will be posted soon...between homeworks and catching up on TV. 

View from St Petersburg's beach, Florida.

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