Sunday, 14 November 2010

On My Bookshelf (3)

This is my version of 'In My Mailbox' because honestly, I'm not known well enough to have publishers and authors to send me books - and I'm still working out how that can happen.
So here a few things that I have required this month:

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen - This was for school, we're doing P&P for coursework in English at the moment.
Dreamland - Sarah Dessen - This book isn't being released in the UK so I brought it when I was in America :)
Pretty Things - Sarra Manning - Again, brought in America reduced. I prefer the UK cover though. 
So Yesterday - Scott Westerfeld - Again, last one brought in America...The author of the Uglies series. I've never seen it in the UK. 

So, I'm pretty good for books at the moment...well until Christmas. :)


  1. *bought, not brought (please, please correct this and in future instances--I can't STAND it!)

    Congrats on Sarah Dessen. She's an amazing author. Interested to see what you think of So Yesterday. I liked Scott's book Uglies.

  2. Oh whoops. :S
    Yeah I know, I've read all her other stuff but this one, like I said, isn't being released in the UK and I wanted to read it.
    Oh it not a good book then?

  3. Hate to do this, but I felt it was necessary. I believe you mean "acquired" instead of "required". You know we all love you for your occasional grammatical errors though. :)
    And by the way,I'd send you books if I was a publisher! Maybe I'll write a novel and shove it through your letter box. Getting books from publishers sounds like fun, I mean, look how excited I was when I found that proof copy of "The Death Defying Pepper Roux" in the library (I will have hours of fun correcting the spelling mistakes, I can tell you).
    Anyway,I'll shut up now. Why does this always happen? I'm so sorry. I'll see you tomorrow.

  4. Erm thanks George, that's great and I'm so glad you enjoy my grammatical mistakes...on a blog.
    haha yeah, you were pretty too enthusatic about that book. And I can imagine you sitting in the corner of your room with a pen and every time you see a spelling mistake shout 'Ah-ha! I found a mistake. Damn you!' It's true.

    I also love it when I find mistakes in books. It's fun. :)


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