Sunday, 7 August 2011

Some News.

I am BACK from Los Angeles which was amazing, I loved every minute, well most of it. Apart from the fact I was ill to start off with and I sprained my ankle (long story) but apart from that it was great and really enjoyable. I shall post some bits up about the trip at some point with some photos I took.
(BEST PART: Seeing Courtney Cox filming & Universal Studios tour - so great).

Anyway, the biggest news, all next week on Rebecca-Books will be a themed week with guest posters from other blogs (both for books and in general), all to do with the theme of Summer to get everyone (if not already) in the mood and choosing those summer reads for your holidays.

So here is the line-up for the week:

Monday: Rebecca from Rebecca-Books on Book Festivals around the world.
Tuesday: Amy from I Love Smiley Faces and Books
Wednesday: Nessie from Queen Nessie's Musings 
Thursday: Stephanie from Books are a Girl's Best Friend
Friday: Jen from Unedited

So come and have a look everyday this week and comment whenever on your favourites for the summer or any other suggestions of your own on the topic.
Have fun and you'll see the first post starting tomorrow! :)


  1. Can't wait! Glad you liked the award :')

  2. Ooh, LA! Always wanted to go there (plus you saw COurtney Cox!!!) Yay for themed week! =D

  3. Welcome back Rebecca! Looking forward to guest post week :)

  4. Oh thank you all of you :)

    Audrey: Really, you've never been to LA? I know, it was from across the street, she was filming Cougar Town or something. I also saw the set of Desperate Housewives while they were filming on the Universal Studios tour but alas, no celebs. It's great there, though. Nice and sunny.


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