Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London Riots from my perspective.

The last few days have been some of the most scary and unpredicted days I have lived so far.
I live in one of the outer suburbs in West London, England. If you've been watching the news recently, then you will know that there have been dreadful, destroying riots all over London. However, London is a big capital and the riots haven't actually happened in London itself, but the towns that surround it, both dodgy ones like every city has and nice ones where people don't expect it to happen.

It's been mostly teenagers aged 14-18 years-old, although other older people have been involved to. It is mostly men too, although girls have been involved to.

It's scary. I have to be in by 5pm and there's the threat of the summer holidays ending sooner than normal to prevent the rioters from continuing. No, there's not rioters. They're vandals, looters, rats as one woman called them. They are just kids thinking they're making the right choice when they're ruining people's lives, both this generation and the generations past and future, ruining people's businesses and homes.
I'm sitting at home now, a place I should feel safe but after watching the footage, I don't think I am if they came to my town.

Thankfully, the nearest for me it got is Ealing, which is about 6 miles away from me. Or the fact I would so worrying, it's a 21 minute car journey, they could easily have come here. That night, we knew something was wrong with the continuous noise of sirens going past on the motorway trying to get there.
However, yesterday I went to my local shopping centre with a friend. We left around 4pm to meet someone one else but at around 4.30pm that day, rioters tried to burn that shopping centre down, thankfully I think they only smashed some windows.

I work at Oxfam and this morning when I finished there were police officers everywhere, metal barriers put up along the road to stop anyone from the road getting to the shops.
I think it's disgusting what's happening and really shouldn't have happened but no-one could predict it. I hope they're happy for what they did to the whole morale of London, everyone is so scared for their lives and for their families. Call us paranoid, but I think only a few can actually tell you what it is like to live in London at the moment.

I am so ashamed right now of being a teenager like many are too. Even though it's a small minority of teenagers doing this, this ruins it for all of us and we don't have the best image for people at the moment anyway, especially after the Student Protests.
People stare horribly at me in the street, thinking I'm one of them. A woman started having an argument with me this morning in Oxfam and nearly hit me.

I'm not rooting for sympathy but I thought I should say what it's really like, I have read some things where they have no idea by the sounds of it. I appreciate anyone that doesn't think these things about teenagers and is hoping and rooting for it all to stop in London.
If I suddenly start not blogging, it's probably because something has happened in my town. However, I hope it doesn't come to that.

Thanks and sorry to interrupt the guest themed week with this.


  1. Hope you keep safe and the riots are brought under control very soon. It's awful that these troublemakers make everyone so afraid and suspicious - I'm sorry that woman accused you in the shop! And what's it all for? it's not political now, it all seems to be just about causing chaos and seeing what goodies they can help themselves to now. Madness. Stay safe!

  2. I know, no-one really knows. At first it was because a policeman shot someone but now it's out of control and the people in it have no idea why they are doing it.
    Thank you :)

    So far, I haven't heard any reports of riots tonight but it's early, 7.30pm.

  3. I've been watching it on the news, horrified. It's just absolutely unbelievable! I don't understand why, what they hope to achieve by this. It sucks you're being treated with suspicion too! What a mess. Stay safe! x

  4. I'm so sorry, sweetie! (((Hugs))) Try to stay safe (as if I have to say that)! Prayers go up for everyone in harm's way.

  5. Thank you to both of you.
    Yeah, some celebrities are saying that it's wrong to just take it out on teenagers in general, when most of us think it's horrible.
    I'm going back to that shopping centre today so I'm going to see what damage there is, doesn't sound like there was much. Thankfully, there were no major riots last night :)


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