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Tuesday Top Ten: FREEBIE WEEK

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week's theme is a FREEBIE so I can do whatever I liiiikkkeee *evil laugh* so, after long consideration...my theme for this week is...Best Time periods that I would love to go back to for a week and books that are set then

1. The Tudors - The Tudors are so interesting for me. Everyone knows about the ruling and the religion, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Spanish Armada, Bloody Mary etc. But it's the little things you find out about that are the best. What it was like to be an actor at that time, Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, the sanitation, what different parts of London were like - I find it all to interesting and amazing. This is one period of history I would love to go back to, so to experience the gorgeous dresses, the culture, the food, the fairs, the wealth. It's somewhere I want to live as now really. 
Books for this era:
- Lady Grace Mysteries
- The Other Countess series - Eve Edwards
- The Lady in the Tower - Marie-Louise Jensen
- The Other Boleyn Girl - 
- Mary, Bloody Mary - Carolyn Meyer
- At the Sign of the Sugarplum - Mary Hooper
- At the House of the Magican series - Mary Hooper

2. 1700's - Yes, Jane Austen prime time. I know we all read about it in Jane Austen-esque books and think 'Oh my god, I want to be there' probably mostly thanks to Austen herself. Thanks. And then the movies want me to be there more. To wear the simple dresses, not just dance randomly where you're not sure where to put your hands and legs but dances that have actual moves you have to follow, the music. Just the simpleness of it all makes it so appealing I think. For me, it's mostly the dresses... I'm talking 1700's England here but after reading a certain book, Dutch 1700 sounds nice too with all the artists milling around.
Books for this era (Yep, mostly Jane Austen type books...): 
- I was Jane Austen's Best Friend - Cora Harrison
- Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
- Girl with the Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier (Dutch)
- Me and Mr Darcy - Alexandra Potter
- Cassandra's Sister - Veronica Bennett

3. Nazi Germany - so yeah, not the most happiest times in history to choose from but for some unknown reason, I find this depressing era rather amazing. I'm not turning Nazi, no no NO WAY, but I find it so weird and interesting that they got away with it. Going this subject for a year and then a final exam on it probably helped my interest but still, I liked this era before then. I think the fact that it's so close to us in history yet a lot has changed then is a reason and that as it's so close in history really, that this was acceptable? Amazing.
Books set in this era:
- Auslander - Paul Dowswell
- Once trilogy - Morris Gleitzman
- The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne
- Chocolate Cake with Hitler - Emma Craigie
- Annexed - Sharon Dogar
- A Song for Summer - Eva Ibbotson
- The Morning Gift - Eva Ibbotson
- The Book Thief - Markus Zusak (NEED TO READ)
- Alone in Berlin - Hans Fallada
- Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

4. Romans/Greeks - Okay, I think we all need to stand up and clap the Romans because without them we would not have a lot of stuff we take for granted now *claps*, like roads, central heating, plumbing, sanitation, medical cures - things we wouldn't necessarily associate with them inventing especially as, living all those years ago, they had little technology that we have now and not a lot had happened on Earth then. It's amazing to think about really.
Books set in that era (Few, not many people want to tackle it):
- The Roman Mysteries
- Julius Caesar - Shakespeare

5. The 1910's/1920's (preferable England or the US) - Doesn't everybody? The music, hair, speakeasies, clothes, dresses, freedom for the end of WWI. Great. There's the boom and the whole world is doing well in money stakes, well until 1929, but you know, it was nearly the 30's. Oh, it just sounds like it could have been great to live as a young girl then, with so many opportunities. With the fashion, dresses went from really long Victorian style to the short, straight number we associate with the 20's. Both of which, I want to wear. 
Books set in that era:
- The Luxe Series - Anna Godbersen (starts in 1899)
- Bright Young Things - Anna Godbersen (1929)
- The Secret Countess - Eva Ibbotson(1919)
- Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck (Okay, the 30's, but kind of the same)


  1. Nazi Germany is always slightly depressing. Nice topic though!

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    Also check out our GREAT giveaways!

  2. I wouldn't mind more books set in the Roman times.

  3. How amazing would it be to have lived in the 20s/30s? Or the 1700s? :)

    Yes, you NEED to read The Book Theif. The first 20 pages of the book I found slow, but once you get into it, it really is great. The writing style does take some getting used to though!

    Great Post!

  4. Another book set in the 1920's is The Paris Wife, which describes what one of Hemingway's wive's experienced (he had a LARGE amount of them, so I am not sure which one) in Paris. After that, read Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, which is the memoir that depicts most events of The Paris Wife from Hemingway's point of view-cool stuff! I just love the frivolity of the twenties, the complete ignorance to all negative phenomena. It was nine years of global childhood.

  5. Viking stuff is great and this guy is excellent at it:


    Also Robert Low and Bernard Cornwell though we have to buy them on Ebay because they can be difficult to find in the US.

    Also, I would recommend The Game Of Thrones series for anyone that likes historical fiction, however its solidly fantasy with historical elements. Dragons, witches and snow zombies, oh my!

  6. I LOVE this list!
    there are so many books in here that I've read and love-Auslander,Julius Caesar and all of the Eva Ibbotsons!
    Now i really want to read the rest of the ones you've mentioned too.
    Here's my blog address

  7. Wow, thank you for all your comments, it was a lovely surprise.
    I would love some more books in the 20/30's or Roman times, more the latter, not many authors seem brave enough to do that period of history.

    Amy: Yeah I know, it's bad of me. I do have the book though, so I'm halfway there!

    QotU: Oh, that is another period of history you don't see much books on. I know of one by Marie-Louise Jensen, but I'm not sure about it yet really.

    Nirmitee: oh thank you, I'm glad you do. Yes, do I've either read them and recommend them or have heard good things by them on this list. Yeah sure, I'll have a look :)


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