Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 4: Summery Covers

Welcome to Day 4 of the blog themed week. Today we have Stephanie from Books are a Girl's Best Friend, one of my favourite book blogs around as she has the same taste in books as me. Our reading is very similar, although her reviews are miles better than mine. Check her blog out, it's worth a look for bookish people.


The word 'summer' brings to mind visions of reading in the sun, ice cream and relaxing in water so when I'm looking for my next summer read, a great summery looking cover puts me in the mood. Especially as the British weather can't always be relied on to produce a sunny summer! Here are some of my favourite summer covers:

That Summer - Sarah Dessen
For me, this cover just sums up the essence of summer: the warm sun shining down on the white sand, the cool blue sea lapping at my feet but most of all having fun- bliss! The girl looks like she's having a great time and this makes it look like the perfect feel good beach read. I also really like the simple look of the cover with the small title font and light blue colour scheme.

Someone Like You - Sarah Dessen
Another Sarah Dessen cover! This one reminds me of the feeling of sand between my feet
and makes me long to be on the beach with romance in the air. I love the cute little heart at the side- it's so adorable.

Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs
I love mermaid books and they always make me want a trip to the sea to discover my own underwater world full of mermaids and any other mythical creatures lurking down there! They're just right for summer because of their beach and sea settings and hot romances. The pink title of Forgive My Fins makes it look like a really cute read.

The Summer I turned Pretty - Jenny Han 
(Rebecca: Ah, I need to read this one!)
This cover screams 'summer' without a glimpse of sand, sea or swimming costumes not only because it has the word in the title but because of the sun shining on their faces. It totally has the 'fun in the sun' look right with the happy, smiling people and hot looking boys at the side.

Stealing Heaven - Elizabeth Scott
I adore the bright colours of this cover- they're so bold and really giving it a summery vibe. The girl running up the stairs just looks really care-free and relaxed in her summer clothes and flowers remind me strongly of summer too because they're so pretty. All these elements makes the book look like a fluffy read that will put a smile on my face.

Endless Summer - Jennifer Echols 
Endless Summer looks like a sizzling hot summer romance! I like the clean and dreamy blue sky background because it doesn't detract away from the couple but makes me think of wonderful weather that everyone in England hopes will stay for the summer.

Finally,  I want to say a big thank you to Rebecca for having me on her blog and for organising this fantastic summer themed week! I enjoyed writing this post and by the time this post is published, I hope to be sunbathing on the beach in Cornwall with a book in hand =)

Come back tomorrow for the last guest post of the week by Jen at Unedited on how to get published!


  1. Awesome guest post! It makes me want to go to the beach :) I think the cover for Invincible Summer screams summer too.

  2. Stealing Heaven is such beautiful cover art! How fun!!!

    I look forward to seeing my post bright and shiny on your blog! What fun!

  3. Pretty covers! Great guest post, thanks Stephanie :-)


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