Friday, 12 August 2011

A Lovely Surprise

You all met Amy from I Love Smiley Faces and Books earlier in the week through the guest post week with her post on her Favourite Summer Reads.
You've also met Nessie from Queen Nessie's Musings of General Populace this week with her post on Books set in summer. Both are very good friends of mine on the blogsphere so I was delighted to find they had both awarded me 'The Lovely Blog Award'.
This is my second award, so I'm pretty happy and delighted they love my blog so much. It makes everything much more worth while.

So, first in return, I have to give 7 unknown facts about myself:
1. I work at my local Oxfam and I have a secret addiction to work the till, although it happens very rarely.
2. Last year on my work experience at M&S, I bumped right into (literally!) Robert Pattinson who was born in my area. Yep, Edward Cullen himself. He was so obvious though, I mean he was wearing a black hoodie, skinny jeans, a baseball cap, Ray Bans and Converse shoes on a really hot day. Little bit obvious. Also, much better looking in person than on screen.
3. I have an obsession of the sound of the light switch in my father's car. It makes the most amazing tiny noise. Ever.
4. If you put a full box of chocolate Fingers in front of me, I would probably eat the whole packet.
5. I'm looking to getting a weekend job in Waterstones (a bit like B&N), mostly because, erm, BOOKS ALL AROUND ME and the fact I get 33% off in Waterstones then.
6. I judge other people my age mostly on what they're wearing. They look really really nice all the time - I don't like them too much. Look nice sometimes? I love you. I am so vain...
7. I am probably the only person who prefers the Harry Potter movies to the books.

And so these lovely people do I pass it on to:
- Stephanie from Books are a Girl's Best Friend
- Belle's Bookshelf
- Audrey from Holes in my Brain


  1. OMG you're so lucky to have seen Robert Pattinson! TEAM EDWARD FOR LIFE!
    And well done on the award :D

  2. Great facts Rebecca. I love that you're so honest. Congrats on getting the award. Your blog really is lovely and one of the first I connected with when I started blogging myself :)

  3. Thanks to both of you.

    Lan: thank you, I'm actually so glad to hear that, that is such a lovely thing to say! :)


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