Sunday, 16 January 2011

Quick Update.

Yes, I have changed the design of the blog :)
Well, I was supposed to be revising for a Science exam tomorrow but I woke up at 10am so I thought 'Oh I'll do that this afternoon' as I know it basically. So I decided to do a bit of updating blogging. It only took 30 minutes.
So what do you think? Good? Bad? Tell me below and I may surprise any commenters...

Also. On Thursday, I got my Mock Results back. Yes, any older followers will know my posts on how much I hate exams or how stressed I am like here and here. Oh and here and here...
You get the picture.
So...I did okay I think. Here is what I got (this isn't like me boasting - I actually think I could have done much better, it's just some people who have had to read those posts might like to know...)

English Language: A
English Literature: A
Maths: B
Science: A
Statistics: B
History: A*
French: A* in Reading and Writing, B in Listening
Drama: A
Media: A

I actually cannot believe the History - I was on the borderline though.
I have a real Science tomorrow for Chemistry, so hopefully I do well because I didn't think I did very well on that one and got an A. Ah. Being a teenager...

Remember to comment on what you think of the new design!


  1. you mock result are fab!!! Do not stress too much about your real exam it won't do anything but panic you!

    Design is nice and simple and uncluttered I like it!!

  2. ha, oh thank you :)
    Yeah, the stuff I need for it, I basically know - it's just the phrasing of the questions really.

    Thank You! :)

  3. Rebecca is a clever clogs! Congrats on the history by the way. I'm supposed to be doing science right now too, but I can't be bothered.
    Oh, and I'm liking the new blog style. :)

  4. Go you! Those marks are fabulous. Not that much longer to go now. Stay relaxed, get lots of sleep, exercise and eat healthily.

    I love the clean cut look by the way :-)

  5. hah oh thank you :)
    yeah, only four months. *scared face*


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