Sunday, 23 January 2011

Some Help?

I hope anyone that read the posts from 'Anna Godbersen Week' enjoyed them. I, myself, got to remember what happened throughout the books through the delightful as always Wikipedia. I couldn't actually live without it sometimes.

Anyway, I need YOUR help. I'm doing a Media project for my coursework and I am doing the fashion page at the moment - which I am yet to start. Anyway, my theme is retro clothing at the moment.
So. If you are on the interweb and see something that could be classed as retro or vintage in the HIGH STREET SHOPS, not a boutique or designer, then, either comment here or email me at :)
(Don't click the link unless you have Microsoft Outlook!)
It will be muchly appreciated.

In other news, I have my first ever French Speaking Exam tomorrow at precisely 1.30pm UK time. Oh my god. I am going to fail in the pronciation but at the moment I kinda just want to get on with it and do it and get it out the way. Of course, I have to wait the whole day while my friends do it in the morning and some back terrified. Great.

On a last note, it's exactly TWO WHOLE WEEKS until my birthday and I shall be offically 16 years of age. And be able to buy a lottery ticket. YAY.


  1. I never bought a lottery ticket on my 16th birthday. I feel like I've missed out.

  2. oh george!
    Yeah it's like this kind of thing me, Aurora and Olivia said we would do either on or around our 16th Birthdays :)
    So as my birthday is a sunday, I'm going to get one for the Wednesday one if I remember. You can join me?

  3. I don't think they'll believe I'm 16.

  4. hahah :) bring your oyster card or something.
    It's only an may not happen for me anyway.

  5. Ah french speaking exams, had mine last week too :P
    Teacher said she thinks I'll get a B, how do you think you did?

  6. Ah well, my French Speaking went terrible. I had been feeling ill all day and basically, I had to start again. I'll spare you the details.
    I think I did okay thanks. My teacher said she was impressed.

    Well done! And thank you :)


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