Tuesday, 4 January 2011

David, David, David Tennant!

So I was about to write a post with a little update until I went on the Twitter I abandon all the time. And looked at trends...and found out that...Georgia Moffett is getting married to...David Tennant. Yes. I know. I nearly burst into tears.
   You see, since he joined Doctor Who, I may have a slight well...okay he's one of my Actor Crushes, as well as Colin Firth (I know he's 50 but well, he doesn't look it!)...and I think he's good looking. But he's nearly 40. This year he turns 40!
And she's 26! That's only 10 years older than-Rebecca, stop trying to kid yourself. 10 years is a lot.

I mean, if they want to get married with that age gap, it doesn't concern me but well...David. He's lovely. And I'm happy for them but well...all Doctor Who fans and David Tennant lovers will have some kind of pain at this news I'm sure.
    I admit also, Georgia Moffett is a nice person. I've actually met her...Her son goes to my old primary school and I went down there just after she was in Doctor Who and she was there and me and my friend met her and got her autograph. And she was lovely about it and really pretty actually in the flesh.

So. I am happy with the match and the fact that one of my all time favourite actors is getting married to someone that the papers described as 'smitten' with (their words, not mine) but then...I feel a pang of something there. Especially as when I read it when like such with my mother:

Me: No! This can't happen! Not to David!
*my mother gives me a weird look*
Me: David Tennant is engaged to Georgia Moffett!
Mum: Oh that's nice. Pause Who is she?
Me: Mum....she's that actress that I met at the fair a couple of years ago. From Doctor Who.
Mum: Oh that's lovely for them
Me: *whimpers*

So, the fact that another actor crush has got married is making me hungry. So I'm going to go and drown my sorrows with some chocolate.


  1. He is very cute :)
    Did you watch the episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are' when he re-traces his past? Youtube it... you'll get a one-hour crush hit - may as well eat some chocolate while watching it...

  2. No I didn't actually. I used to watch it but completely forgot when it was on.
    haha oooo. I might do that instead of some homework.
    *rushes to Youtube* :)


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