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What Happens in The Luxe then?

This is the second post of Anna Godberson Week!

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.
So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.


Okay, we are first introduced to the four Luxe Girls. There is:
-  Elizabeth Holland who is in love with her childhood friend, Will who now works in the stables.
- Diana Holland, she is Elizabeth's younger sister and, well in love at this point with no-one but secretly meets with men at parties to see what a kiss feels like etc.
- Penelope. She is supposedly Elizabeth's best friend and in love with Henry. She actually hates Liz and is only associated with her to make her look bad. She is also obsessed with what people think of her and herself and the way she looks. She is also having a 'fling' with Henry.
- Lina Broud. She is a maid to Elizabeth but always had dreams of being rich. She grew up with her and Will and is now in love with Will but suspects the relationship of Will and Liz.
- Henry Schoonmaker. His father is running for mayor of New York. His father has also just married his step-mother who is only a few years older than Henry. He is a bit of a party go-er - much like his father.

Anyway, we are first introduced to these characters at a New York party where Diana is seen kissing an older man, for the 'thrill'. Soon, Henry's father, Willam, decides that Henry needs to marry a debutante for publicty for his upcoming election for Mayor. He forces Henry to propose to Elizabeth, who is well-respected throughout society. However, in the midst of this, Henry and Diana meet and instantly are attracted to each other, unaware who they really are. When it is announced of the marriage, Elizabeth tells Penelope who at the same time, thinking Henry is going to marry her as her father announced he would marry someone, tells Penelope of her and Henry's romance. Elizabeth is left guilty for getting married to Penelope's lover, even though she doesn't want the marriage to go ahead at all - neither does Henry.
   However, when Henry fails to escort Elizabeth to a ball - the first outing as a couple, his father decides to move the date up to add pressure and the risk of having no spending money if it doesn't go ahead. Penelope goes to the Schoonmaker mansion, in the quest to lure Henry and make him think twice about marrying. It fails.

Will Kneller, Elizabeth's real love, decides to move to California in search of business in the oil industry. While Liz is at a party, he leaves and leaves a letter for Liz which she finds on her return. Meanwhile, Lina finds the letter and realises the extent to their relationship and goes in search of Will to tell him that she loves him before Liz does. However, she soon runs out of money and returns to the Holland's house to find that she has lost her job. Broke, homeless and desperate, Lina goes to Penelope who she has known of as long as Elizabeth and tells her of Will and Elizabeth's relationship. In exchange, she gets money and a nice hotel in Manhattan to stay in. Penelope goes to Elizabeth and helps fake her own death so she doesn't have to marry Henry and so he is free for Penelope. Elizabeth gets a train from Grand Central to California to join Will. Elizabeth also finds out about Diana and Henry's love and writes her a letter to tell her what has happened and to warn her of Penelope.

Hope that helped anyone that was requesting this! The Summary of the second novel, Rumours will be up tomorrow. :)

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