Sunday, 9 January 2011

I don't even know what to title this as.

WARNING: This is me and my 'I hate being being in Year 11' mood.

 At the moment, I am sitting at the dining room table (which is used more as a study) surrounded by paper and books about how much importance Mr Collins has in Pride and Prejudice....and shouting 'Oh my god, I cannot think properly' to my empty, lonely house.
Oh I love weekends, don't you?

I have no social life for...maybe 3/4 months. The first time in a while that I ACTUALLY WENT OUT was last Monday with some friends Christmas shopping. Yep. You heard it right, I still need to get Christmas gifts for four of my best friends. Blame mocks, not our laziness....

In other news, it is a month till MY BIRTHDAY. I will be 16 years old. Wow-as. And GCSE's, I was thinking about the other day. When you're in like Year 7,8 or 9, you don't actually realise the stress the Year 11's have. I mean, I remember thinking last year that 'Oh Year 11's going to be quite easy with the fact I've done most of the work in Year 10' WHAT?
I was so wrong. There is still so many exams and so much coursework left to do. And two of my teachers have either broken/twisted their feet...ahh.

So. I am so stressed at this minute. As much as I didn't mind Pride and Prejudice and I think Collins is probably the most well-written character by a long shot, I'm starting to hate it. This is what GCSE English does to you:

- You despise Of Mice and Men and the way Steinbeck has used so many ways to show things about the characters/places.
- I cannot watch War of the Worlds (with Tom Cruise) without analysising it and saying 'oh I love the way they've done this blah blah BLAH....'
- I hate Romeo and Juliet. I still have no idea what Shakespeare is rattling on about, although, I cannot watch the 1960's version of the movie without thinking the Romeo looks like Zac Efron, BIG time.
- I'm starting to hate Mr Collins and Pride and Prejudice in general. I have 6 more points to cover and I'm stuck and just cannot describe what is happening or what is important about it. To be honest, I think I've gone off on a rant about something I have no idea I did.
- I feel like I can Write to Persuade to anyone. Oh yeah! (oh god rebecca, you saddo)

That's kinda it. And I got it out my system. PHEW....
Oh and then, I get My Mock Results (haha MMR - anyone else find that funny?) on Thursday afternoon. Oh boy...


  1. And I'm finished. Thank You for readinf this far...

  2. Chin up! You'll get through it. Remember to have frequent breaks between studying. You don't ant to be dreaming about Mr Collins- that's for sure.

    You don't get Romeo and Juliet. You need to read a contemporary romance to ethuse you. I vote for Perfect Chemistry - love across the divide. Go read it!

  3. hahah oh. Dreaming of Mr Collins...oh dear.

    Well, I do get Romeo and Juliet, I've seen the movie and I like the actual story but for my coursework, I had to analyse the fight scene when Tybalt and Mercutio die? And well, the language I didn't understand - that's what I meant.
    Oh yeah, I've seen so many great reviews for that - it looks good. haha. Thanks :)


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