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What Happens in Envy - Anna Godbersen?

This is the third post in Anna Godbersen Week!

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.

So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.

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With Elizabeth in mourning. Diana has to fill in the Holland invites to parties, avoiding Henry and Penelope, the most celebrated couple. Henry also is trying to avoid Penelope as she tries to sleep with him. Henry organises a trip with Teddy, his best friend, to Florida. But Penelope finds out and invites Carolina (Lina), herself and her brother, Grayson. Penelope also plans on inviting Elizabeth when she goes to a luncheon at the Holland's place as a welcome back into society for Elizabeth. At the luncheon, someone is at the door and as Diana answers it, she finds a helpless Henry on the doorstep, desperately asking her to come to Florida too so he can make it up to her and tell her everything that happened. She agrees and when Penelope invites Elizabeth, Diana comes too - much to Penelope's disgust. To prevent something from happening between Henry and Diana, Penelope gets her brother to try and woo Diana into getting Henry jealous and run back to his actual wife.
   In Florida, Carolina's patron, Carey Lewis Longhorn dies in New York. She rushes back to attend the funeral to find that he has left her all his property and money, making her a real heiress and rich. She shares the occasion with the Lord and Taylor salesman, Tristan. Meanwhile, in Florida, Teddy tells Henry that he is going to join the army in the Philppines. He tells Henry that 'if Elizabeth can survive all those things, so can he'. He is of course, falling in love with Elizabeth. Once back in the hotel room after leaving his friend, he sees Penelope crying and opens up to her. They sleep together for the first time in their marriage so far and when Henry is seen on the balcony with Penelope wrapped around him, Diana sees and believes that Henry is merely playing her along. Henry realises that it is all a mistake.
Diana then confronts him and ends the affair. At a party that night, Grayson follows Diana and believes that he is actually starting to have feelings for her. Grayson tells Penelope who doesn't believe him but goes along with it - anything to ruin Diana and Henry's happiness.
Grayson declares finally his love for Diana in a closet, who confused and angry about her emotions, she has sex with him as she realises he is telling the truth.
Meanwhile, the next day, Penelope and Elizabeth are by the beach and Elizabeth vomits. Penelope tells Elizabeth that she might be pregnant but Elizabeth ignores it. Liz also finds out that Teddy is going to propose to her and runs away, knowing that she cannot ever marry anyone again because of her love for the late Will.
Once returned from the eventful trip, Penelope makes up the story that she is pregnant - Henry sees through her and refuses to believe it but knows he has to stay with her now. Meanwhile, Elizabeth tells her family she is pregnant with Will's child. Although, her mother wants her to go 'where there are people like her' there, Elizabeth refuses and to avoid scandal, when Snowden proposes to her, she accepts.
Henry then enlists for the army to follow Teddy which shocks Penelope. When she confronts him about the baby, he plainly says 'There is no baby' and leaves her to solve the mess of her lie. He sends a letter to Diana telling her he is joining the army and explains everything that has happened since The Luxe. He tells her he still loves her and says goodbye to her.  Diana is shocked by this and knows she has to do something.
She solves it by cutting her hair and deciding to act like a man and join the army to find Henry and apologise to get him back...

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