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What Happens in Rumours - Anna Godbersen?

This is the third post of Anna Godberson Week!

So, on my Stats for the blog, I see a lot of people searching 'what happens in The Luxe' or 'Rumours' or whatever. And as I ramble on how much I love this series and I did a review on Splendor, the last in the series, they get directed to that.

So, I thought I'd ignore the French Speaking essay I have to write at some point and help all those in want of this.

To see the one yesterday on the first novel, The Luxe, click here


Starting off from the conclusion in the last novel, Elizabeth is with Will in California, who has just found a possible yield with oil. However, she recieves a letter from Diana stating that the family are running out of money and that her mother's health has decreased since Elizabeth left. She decides to go back to New York and explain the siutation to her mother and aunt and try and help them. Will comes with her.
   Meanwhile, Penelope has decided that she WILL marry Henry, which could potenically ruin Diana and Henry's relationship and plans on marrying in the future. Henry's father decides that for the family's reputation, Henry should marry Penelope, who he approves of. Something Henry objects to.
   However, Lina Broud is running out of the money that Penelope had given her and needs more desperately. She gets help from the Lord & Taylor salesman, Tristan who helps her choose suitable clothes and move up in the ranks of society. Through this, she meets the incredibly rich, Carey Lewis Longhorn who takes her under his wing. They change her name to Carolina Broad and she makes up the story that she is an orphaned wealthy oil heiress. Because of this, she is invited to all the important parties and meets offically Penelope - who is shocked.
As a bribe to become 'friends', Carolina tells her of Diana and Henry's special night in Diana's room earlier in the novel. Penelope uses this to make Henry propose to her in the return that she doesn't ruin Diana's reputation. William Schoonmaker is delighted and the marriage is planned in the upcoming weeks. Because of the business, Henry doesn't have a chance to tell Diana the truth. She is left despressed and angry at both of them.
   At the Holland house, Snowden, a friend of the late Mr Holland, turns up to help with the financial troubles. They decide to wed Elizabeth and Will to avoid scandal and move them back to California. When they are at the train station, Elizabeth is noticed and Will is thought to be kidnapping her. The police shoot Will and he dies tragically in Elizabeth's arms. Elizabeth returns home, heart broken.
At the end of the novel, Penelope and Henry get married finally and Elizabeth promises Diana that they will find out the truth and get Henry back for good.

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