Sunday, 16 January 2011

Anna Godberson Week

Now, I may be right or wrong but on my Stats frequently when I look, one of the 'Key Words' that is put into Google is 'What Happened In the Luxe Series' or 'What Happened in Splendor, The Luxe, Anna Godberson' and well, it gets directed to my Review on Splendor so I thought that, as I'm about to finish Bright Young Things, Anna Godberson's new series set in the 20's (and is pretty amazing stuff) that next week would be....Anna Godberson Week.

I know it's kinda short notice, it being 7 hours (GMT) to Monday but well, I only just thought of it.
So this is what will be happening:

Monday: Bright Young Things review
Tuesday: What Happens in The Luxe + mini-review
Wednesday: What Happen's in Rumours + mini-review
Thursday: What Happens in Envy + mini-review
Friday: What Happens in Splendor

They may not be completely on time, depending on what homework/coursework I get given this week. Also, remember I live in the UK so those who live ahead in time of me, might be on the next day before I am - likewise to America, depending where you are.

Have fun and I hope that resolves those who search this on Google :)


  1. Omg omg I love The Luxe. I haven't yet read Envy or Splendor yet though, and BYT is still in my TBR pile, but I'll look forward to reading your features after I've finished!

  2. oh you should! Envy and Splendor, I think are the best ones out of the series :)


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