Sunday, 27 March 2011

Our World.

Please try to read all of this, I would appreciate it.

This might me, being human, but I'm worried.

In the last few months, there has been an earthquake nearly every two weeks. First, in Christchurch, New Zealand, then and more devastatingly, Japan and only a couple of days ago, in Thailand. I know being in England and therefore, in the middle of a plate, I don't need to worry about any volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes but still. If you've noticed, there has been a lot more natural disasters happening in the last couple of years compared to say, the 80's/90's.

There's the threat of global warming (although there are views that it is just the 'Earth warming up after the Ice Age). The terrible weather that at least England and other places in the world seem to get every single year.

Take the summer. August. You imagine the sunny days doing nothing, eating ice cream on Brighton beach, wearing shorts all day, every day. Getting away and hanging out with friends in those summer holidays. Erm...where did that illusion come from? 
I have never had a proper summer holidays ever. In all my 16 years. August is seen as this here in England but  when you come in that month, you find rain, wind, rain and more wind. I wore jeans and jackets for most of the summer last year - only putting shorts on about the total of 3 times over a month.
But yet, my mother, who was born in the 60's and has an August birthday, was born on the hottest day of that year. They used to go to Guernsey (an island just off France but part of England) and Norfolk without jackets or worrying about the rain in August. That was their summer holiday and they had great weather. So what changed? The best seasons now are Spring *looks outside at the lovely weather now* and Autumn *remembers going up to London shopping wearing a skirt, short sleeve top and blazer in September*.

So why is it so different from only 3/4 decades ago? I kind of believe it's global warming. With all the floods late last year, the natural disasters happening at the moment, the American hurricane months starting soon, when they predicted the end of the world or at least human life to be 2012 (NEXT YEAR), were they right?
I know that some people are now thinking 'oh god. this subject again' and yes, it is. And before I scoffed thinking they were mad but recently with the proximity of nearly 8 months away from 'that' year, I'm starting to believe it. Will I ever make it through college? Will the 2012 Olympics in London happen? Will I make it to 18?
Who knows.

I found out a fact yesterday. There's a lake in Canada and if that floods, it will flood into the Atlantic Ocean and will stop the North Atlantic Drift. If that happened, England, and maybe Europe, would have another Ice Age. I'm not kidding. If that stops, that stops all the hot air and weather coming our way so Hello Ice Age.  Scary, don't you think?

*Added to original post* Also, if you look in the news nowadays, we always try to ignore what's happening with a simple 'Oh that's sad but I can't do anything for them' or 'Why doesn't someone just .......'. I know because I do it too. There have been 7 countries since Tunisa that have tried to over throw their government/leaders: Tunisa, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bharan, Yemen, Algeria. Who says that that couldn't happen in England? Or even the US. On Saturday, there was a mass demonstration in London on the cuts being put in place by the new government to deal with some of the debts that the UK owes. There's been so much uproar about it, protestors both peaceful and violent turning up. Much like the Student demonstrations in December which I was partly caught into without even attending the demonstration. Just being a teenager in London. 250,000 people turned up for the one on Saturday. And that's just those who could come - not all of the people who think that. Who knows? By watching the world going mad in other places on BBC, could England be like it is in Libya, Yemen, Egypt? Probably not but it's food for thought.

Now if you've made it this far and read everything above, then thank you.

We always try to think of a positive future, that dream job, your future children or husband/wife. Maybe we should start to think about if the 'What If's?' came true. What If this is our last year alive. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Who knows?


  1. Sorry if this ends up being a double-post, blogger decided it hates me :(

    Okay, so I'm kind of a pessimistic person but I think not preparing, but pondering the worst really helps me treasure the present. I know what you mean by seasons, there's been recod highs and lows here in Canada too, and it upsets me the way our world is being... well.. kind of destroyed. For stupid stuff like money. Anyways, I think those "What Ifs" are really interesting, I don't have any illusions of the future, I kind of just wish for the best sometimes :)

  2. This is such an inspiriational post. It really made me think. We always think about what our future is going to be like, but what if the world ends in just a few months? Live life to the full.

    And thanks for your lovely comment! I can't wait to start reading it :) Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! :D

  3. I really liked the post, but I have absolutely no idea on what I would like to say....
    Although it is troubling with all the natural disasters that have occurred over the last couple of year, and how they seem to be getting increasingly worse, I still don't think that the world will end next year (grr, I feel like I jummbled this whole comment). :)

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  4. Orchid: Well, to be honest, neither do I but with what's happening at the moment with the natural disasters, there's always the possibility. I still doubt it will too.

    Amy: Oh thank you and good. Exactly what I think I was trying to say. It's okay. Hope you had a nice birthday :)

  5. Look at you, being all political and scientific! I'm proud of you Rebecca! :)
    And I agree with you. It's important to take note of thing that happen, I certainly don't do that enough. However, I don't think we need to worry about the world ending in 2012. If there is any real evidence for this happening, I certainly haven't seen it. And watching what's happening in Libya and other places makes you think. It's like you're watching history take place in front of you. It's kinda weird, really.
    Sorry. Rant over.


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