Saturday, 12 March 2011

Berlin! :)

I know this is pretty late as I was there 3 weeks ago but anyway, over half term I went to....BERLIN!

It is so nice there, such nice modern buildings and I loved that the city had so much history to it, what with the Nazis and then the Berlin Wall. It was nice as I'm taking History for my GCSE and continuing with it at A level and it's about Nazi Germany - before and after. So here are a few pictures of the city that I thought you might like:

In Alexanderplatz. I liked the mixture of old and new put together. I took this while waiting for this tour bus thing that went around the whole city which was nice for as the weather was so nice outside...not.

This is the Brandenburg Gate - restored after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is the best photo I got as there was a Gay Pride March happening on the other side which my parents didn't want to go towards....

This is the famous government building of Germany, the Reichstag. I wanted to go in it but we found you had to book ahead :S
Nice building though.

Checkpoint Charlie. This was a checkpoint for the US border during the times with the Berlin Wall and is now a memorial for those that died during that time from the 1961 to 1990.

This double bricked line runs throughout the city and is a reminder of where the Berlin Wall used to be. There is now only three places where you can see the Berlin Wall: Postsdamer Platz (the main plaza in Berlin), the History Museum and this special Berlin Wall musesum outside the city. It's been sold to billionaires and people like that since. Apparently you can get it on eBay...

It may look sunny....and it was...but freezing.

This is the Holocaust Memorial. I'm yet to understand what all the bricks mean to those that died because they vary in height and they slope up and down....but still it was an impressive site when you rounded the corner...

It was so nice there and I'm so glad I went. The only problem was the weather. Yes, it didn't rain and the sun was out but it was -11 all the time there. Yes, that's not 11 degrees, I MEAN -11 DEGREES every single day. I think this picture by a part of the Berlin Wall of me fully describes how the coldness felt there: was THAT cold.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. Love your blog! Please check out mine and see if you like it :) I follow yours! x

  2. Oh man, Germany look ssoo awesome! I did a project on the Berlin Wall, it must be so great to see it in real life :p I'm so jealous! Definitely want to go there one day... though hopefully not when it's that cold :p great post!

    ps~huzzah for no captcha :)

  3. hahah thank you :)

    Amy: oh thank you very much! I'll check it out once I finish this comment.

    Audrey: Oh when I read your post of captcha, I was like 'YES I AGREE.' I understand why they have them but really? Is a blogger going to post chain mail on someone's comments?

    Yeah it is such a nice place. It's the first time I've been BEEN there, I've passed through. Yeah, it's interesting the history of the city and you can see the remains of it when you look around. You should - go in the summer. It'll be much warmer :)

  4. Wow- you're so lucky! Shame about the cold weather :( I'm learning German and I'm taking history for GCSE next year so I really want to go out there.

  5. Yeah it goes to well with my History GCSE course.
    I only learnt German for two years in Year 8 & 9 so I could say hello and ask where something is but that's the limit of my German vocabulary. Though, the most I said in German was 'Guten Tag!' and 'Drei tickets' so it was alright :)


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