Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday Top Ten: Ten Bookish Pet Peeves #3

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme is Ten Bookish Pet Peeves

1. When you are in bookshops and the cover is bent - I have a condition against this I think. I just get so annoyed and actually heart broken when I see it and to me, a book is ruined if you haven't bought it and it's like that already. Only really old books should be like that like my ancident Pride and Prejudice book (well it's not ancient but it went everywhere with me for about two months)

2. Those '3 for 2!' stickers that seem to be superglued to the front - although I've worked out the art of taking these things off without leaving a trail of sticker left behind, they still get annoying when you have to sit there for about 10 minutes peeling it off carefully and still leaving glue behind when the shops could just leave it off. More helpful, Waterstones.

3. Writing in books - when I am told in class to write in books, I start to get that feeling that I feel when I am doing something that I shouldn't be doing. To me, you just don't write in books, why do that to the precious book? What did it ever do to you?! Funnily enough though, I'm okay in writing on hardbacks but not paperbacks...it feels more like a book that you can write then I think. I've had this feeling and the looking around to see if anyone else looks nervous about writing in a book twice: Pride and Prejudice and Of Mice and Men.

4. Errors that could have been avoided - although I do find it fun and feel like I am Miss A* English compared to an author, it can get a tad annoying when they happen continuously. I mean, people are paid in the publishing business to find them and take them out, so why are they still in there after countless of read throughs and changes to find them?

5. When books have a total different ending to what the book should be and what you thought - Candor was very much like this. It ended how I didn't think it would and with a rather sad, depressing (although slightly clever) end and I didn't like it. I don't like not having happy endings. I mean, books are like films - to me they should have a happy ending (or some sort of) because they are make believe. We read/watch them to get out of our normal lives and feel happy when there is a happy end, so why make it sad?

(sorry lots of questions in this one!) :)

6. When people critise my reading choice - I'm sorry, but who is the person reading it and having to live through these words, good or bad? Me or you? I have been critised many a time for my choice of book, it being too 'out there' (e.g. about relationships and sex) or too young for my age and the fact I should be (and I quote one of my friends saying this to me) 'reading more mature books that people will actually make you look intelligent instead of stupid girly oh-my-god-my-life-is-ending-I-don't-have-a-boyfriend books.' Nice. I think we should all have the freedom, without people's thoughts and bans, to read what we want to read.

7. Books that EVERYONE seems to love yet you're still sitting there thinking why? - when I say that, I'm thinking Twilight series. Books I can understand after my friend read them before the films were made and said they were amazing. I've never been into the whole vampire thing in books (number 8) but still. Then, the movies come out and everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves them and wants Edward Cullen to be their husband forever. And then Jacob came in. Oh god.
Anyway, there are books like Meet Me At The Boathouse that I read and didn't like. And I bet that happens on here too. I know there's been books that I love but people on the comments section don't. But when everyone loves them and you don't - it's not nice.

8. Vampire books - Okay, so I was big on the book scene in 2008 which is when Twilight went big but didn't have a blog. I just knew what was good, bad, new, old etc. Twilight, I had seen many times on the shelves but the idea of vampires made me turn away. So since then, most authors you see on the shelves today have some kind of supernatural element. I mean, in Waterstones, there is a 'Dark Romance' section with Twilight in pride position. Why write about vampires when every other author (I use that vaguely) is too?

9. When books don't tell you what happened to a certain person in the end - This happened in The Legacy and although it was brillant, there was a slight loose end with Jude. He isn't mentioned in the Epilogue and although it's kind of obvious, how do we know that something different hasn't happened to him? There is always the question What If? in literature that authors have to fill and prevent.

10. When sentences just don't make sense, however much you read it - I have read many books where somehow a sentence makes sense but it doesn't? And I have to sit there for a few minutes re-reading this short sentence over and over before understanding and realising all it needs is a comma. Something that simple.

Whooo. 10 finally!
What are your pet peeves? *walks off in a grumbling mood*


  1. Totally am in with you on #7, I just felt they were very badly written. But with #8 I would say that Anne Rice writes so superbly about them that I always redirect if you haven't tried one of hers. Much like Stephen King, her books are never quite right when translated to movies. I also found The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova spectacular. I am hoping its movie adaptation does it justice.

    Most peoples attraction to vamps is really based in their love of great monster movies, IMHO. I do occasionally do a post on the "Monster of the Week" and I haven't yet done the vampire because it is too easy and really, my favorite. Hopefully Dark Shadows redeems the genre for movies. I can hope anyway.

  2. Stickers seem to be on a lot of lists. I apologize for all the stickers I place on books as a librarian.

  3. Yeah true. I don't mean all vampires, I list off straight away. I never liked those kind of books, but I'm mostly talking the YA ones and the ones written after Twilight went big.
    I have heard of that, The Historian. It looks good.

    Anne: hah I mean the ones that are shop bought. The ones in library are fine, they're necessary. I'll let you off. ha :)


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