Monday, 21 March 2011

Speak - The Movie

Starring: Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Michael Angarano (The Forbidden Kingdom), Hallee Hirsh (ER), Eric Lively (The Butterfly Effect)
Made in 2004 by Speak Film Inc (US)
Filmed in Ohio, USA
Directed by Jessica Sharzer
Based on a novel by Laurie Halse Anderson

After being told on Twitter and by Nessie on the comments section, that there was a movie of the book I recently reviewed by Laurie Halse Anderson  (click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about) called Speak.
So...I found it on YouTube and spend the next hour and a half watching it in the quiet of my lovely home instead of probably doing revision. But oh well. I enjoyed myself and I'm starting serious on that next week (little warning for you guys there)

Anyway, this movie is well done. Speak is I think one of the novels that you can only see as a book and I was surprised to hear that there was a movie version of it. Unfortunately, the actress playing Melina, the main character was Kristen Stewart. Yes, Twilight fans. Bella. I'll give her credit though as she was only 13 when she did the movie: Melina's age and this movie became the only film that she was critised about (until Twilight wandered along but you know). To be honest, I am a Twilight hater so I am probably being bias.
But, with the benefit of the doubt, she did do well even though she had few lines. We knew what she was thinking through her expressions, body language and the overhead voice as if inside her mind. It worked.

The actress playing Heather and Rachael were as I imagined them, especially Heather who gave the movie some humour to a very depressing scenerio. The filming was good and I liked how it hadn't been changed mostly and it stayed true to the book version. It made me have a clearer understanding of what happened in the book with it being on screen.

The only thing (apart from Kristen Stewart) that I'm disappointed in is the ending. It could have been better and with the dark lighting, I didn't see some of what was happening because of it. All in all, the movie was well done and worth that hour and a half is you enjoyed this book.

A reminder of the guest post I'm in over on Nessie's blog about British music. I will one day have a guest post...when I have a little bit more time than at the moment. Check it out. It's great and makes me feel like a true blogger now. :)


  1. I watched this way before Kirsten Stewart was cast as bella and I actually thought she did a pretty decent job. I know if i watched it after twilight, i'd probably dislike her too :p anyways, great post! I loove the book :)

  2. Hehe, I agree with Audrey, I actually thought this was pretty good for Kristen Stewart (if you want bad, watch her in Catch that Kid, a shoddy remake of the awesome Klatretosen, a Danish kids movie. Admittedly I don't like the remake because of the plot changes, but still Kristen isn't as "natural"-feeling as the girl who played Ida in the original).

    I second also what you said - the movie felt like the book and did well to help understand the plot, and visualize things because the casting was spot-on (Rachel!!)

  3. Exactly, I was trying not to think of her in Twilight and Breaking Dawn (the two that I have seen) but there were times were she would say/do something and it instantly reminded me of Bella.
    And I have a hatred towards Twilight things as I think it's a bit too over-done and it made me lose two best friends because I didn't like Twilight and they did. So I am negative Twilight person.

    Liek Nessie says, those are the things that made me enjoy the movie and I would definitely watch it again if I had the chance or it was there on offer.

  4. This book explains how Melinda wasn't able to speak up about what actually happened to her at the party, and how she grew as a person and built up enough strength to say no to people, and even tell her ex-best friend what happened. The horrible experience isn't revealed at first, but the susupense to find out what happened did not let me put the book down.


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