Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday Top Ten: Characters I want as Family Members #2

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme is Fictional Characters that I would adopt as my Family

1. Mr and Mrs Bennet from Pride and Prejudice - If there is one person who I think of straight away as a dad, it is Mr Bennet. I know he may not be the best parental choice for this in the world, but he is just so funny in the book and I think I would laughing at his sarcasm for this duo all the time. I wouldn't have one without the other honestly.

2. Milly from The Queen's Lady - I would love her as a sister, she is so jolly and happy. In this book, she just makes me happy and smile so I have a feeling she might do that in real life. She is also a dressmaker...SO...she can make some nice unique clothes for me! :)

3. Ellie from The Other Countess - Ellie is so sincere and honest and I feel like she would be the perfect sister/cousin to go to if you needed advice or support on your problems. Plus, she is married to the gorgeous sounding Will...hmm. Anyway. Yes I like her as a character

4. Diana from The Luxe Series - Diana has all the adventures, let's face it. And she is my favourite character in this series. She knows how to stand up for herself even if she is the younger. She can be added to my long list of sisters...this is what being an only child does to you.

5. Elizabeth from The Luxe Series - Yes I know her and Diana are sister's already but in my family - they're not. I can see Elizabeth being a great aunt. I don't know why....she seems an Aunt figure with Teddy as the Uncle. Perfect Couple.

6. Wendy from Peter Pan - I think she would be a good mum/older sister as she is in the book to John and Michael. She is also very like me and I would definitely follow in her footsteps if I was offered the chance to go to Neverland....with her and John and Michael. Tinkerbell can I have some pixie dust? No? Oh.

Okay, as I'm new to this. I am going to leave it there...I really don't know who else to put. These are harder than I imagined I must admit and I just can't think of anyone. Sorry...I'll add if I do tomorrow.



  1. I like your list. It did take a while to think of 10 and all of mine aren't people!

  2. I don't know if the fun aspect of having Mr. B as a father would offset the insanity and mind-numbing hysteria that surrounds his Mrs.! :p Nice list.

  3. I love the list, particularly Wendy from Peter Pan. Loved the way she was depicted in the movie Hook.


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