Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 Challenges in Review

Challenges are great - and irritating. I don't take them too seriously but it is annoying when you're 1/2 books away from your goal. Here is how I did in the challenges I was in, in 2011:


I aimed to read around 10 books in the YA Historical Fiction this year. I, however, managed 17 and knocked off 3 to-reads for this genre. Click here to have a look at the books I read. 

I am also competing in this in 2012 so have a look here for the sign-up post on how to get involved if you're interested.


I aimed on this challenge to read 9-12 books all by British Authors. And? Well, I managed 20 overall, which I am very pleased about! I also managed to 5 more books off my to-read list by doing this challenge. Click here to have a look at the books I read.

Again, I am also competing in the 2012 version of this challenge. Click here to see my sign-up post.


I tried so hard to read 50 books in the year of 2011, but failed by TWO BOOKS. Nonetheless, I am proud that I read more books than last year (43). I blame my exams in May/June for it...and Wicked - that was such a long book...

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