Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blogging Resolutions 2012

Okay, so I know this is a little over due but I have just remembered/had time/thought about writing this post.
Cast your mind back to the beginning of January (I know, that DOES seem ages ago).
I created a post entitled 'Create my Blogging Resolutions'. The subject? I got my followers to fill in a form telling me what they enjoyed, did not enjoy or wanted from my blog this year.
Basically....these are the results.

1) 'What website do you take the covers of books from?'
Well...I am a bit bad really. If I haven't disclaimed that they are my own photographs that I have taken, they are normally from a Google Images search. I don't really know how else I can do this but if you type the name of
the book in question onto Google, the picture I use is normally the 1st or 2nd one.

2) 'You tend to be soft on judging books. Even when you have issues, most books get at least 3/5, which is better than 50%, even though what you say sounds worse'
If I'm honest, I totally agree and I'm aware of that. I am like this because I feel bad to give a book a 1 or 2 if there was some aspect that I did enjoy.
RESOLUTION: I will try to be as honest with my marking of the book out of 5 as I can. If I really slag a book off, then it will now be definitely around a 1/2 instead of the real lowest being around 3. Most books I review are around 4/4.5 but I will really think about whether they are this high also.

3) Style of Language: 'could be more proper'
I know I know - this is something I am bad at. When writing essays at college, I absolutely hate it because I prefer to write more casually, and when you have a blog where YOU decide everything - it's like talking to my best friend sometimes with the language.
RESOLUTION: I will still be casual with my language but I will make sure I am not either rambling, going off on a tangent or sound like I'm talking to my mum.

4) 'You could individualise the layout a bit, and modernise it, if you like. Make it reflect your personality though. Are you a flowery person, then add romantic little curlicues. Are you a straightforward kind of person, make things have straight corners, and a simple color scheme. The blog is an extension of you, let it show!'
As you would have noticed if you are a regular follower, I have changed the layout already (I hope you like it!) I find designing on Blogger difficult so I usually end up with something plain.
RESOLUTION: I have been looking at tutorials on how to improve the look of a blog from others that are more expert that me. I am also in the process of making a header at the top with the name, Rebecca-Books like normally seen on blogs (If you have any tips or hints, please tell me!!)

5) 'There's a lot of boxes, and the boxes I find cute, but there's so many of them that it doesn't look pretty anymore. If you could collect some of the items on a new page instead, maybe that would help.'
Hmm...the sidebar has always been a problem for me. But I think it was the old layout that used boxes for every single item added to the sidebar - it does look different now.
RESOLUTION: I will look at what I do and don't need on the sidebar and see if I can put the images on a different page instead e.g. the challenges.

6) 'I love the reviews being collected on one page because I can look up specific ones without needing to hunt through your posts. On the other hand, if your blog had a search function, that would be handy too - not just to look for reviews, but also other things you post about.'
Can I just say I love you whoever wrote this comment - you are my favourite person right now.
RESOLUTION: There is a way to search the site on the Blogger bar right at the top of the page. But I know you can add a Search widget, so I shall include it on my sidebar.

I also love the person who wrote 'AMAZING!!' for what they thought of my blog in general. You Rock.

So what do you think? Do you have anything else to add that you think should be improved? Do you agree/disagree?


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